Friday, March 24, 2023

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    Kanye West Is Getting Some Heat for His Socks and Bedazzled Flip-Flops

    Kanye West kicked up a little more than his usual controversy at this year’s London Fashion Week, which started on February 16 and continues through the 19th. The controversial rapper made some fashion choices that are being ridiculed by people all over the world, including fashion critics and hip hop fans alike. Kanye West’s bedazzled flip-flops and pink polka dot socks may seem like innocent enough choices, but they have caused quite an uproar in the fashion world, where there is an unwritten dress code that attendees should follow.

    As usual, Kanye West’s unexpected attendance at Burberry’s spring/summer 2023 runway presentation during London Fashion Week on September 26 generated comments on social media. The rapper and fashion designer wore his trademark hoodie and leather jacket, but he deviated from the norm by wearing black socks and glitter flip-flops with studs.

    PC : Getty / Neil Mockford

    West’s black outfit, which he likely purchased from Burberry, included leather pants, a jacket with a matching button-down and sleeves laced at the waist, and a dark hoodie. His slippers, however, appeared to be composed of foam, similar to those sold at nail salons, and were embellished with silver crystals along the straps.

    It’s not the first time that fans and critics have been perplexed by West’s attire and fashion choices. Many did not like the Yeezy founder’s massive moon boots, which he wore almost everywhere in recent months, and many were worried about his full-body mask at the BET Awards in June. His most recent outing comes a week after the official dissolution of West and Gap’s Yeezy collaboration, which gave rise to a line that reportedly ran out of trash bags in stores.

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