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    Korean Blush Nails – the Next Big Thing in Minimalist Nailing

    The latest nail fad to delight our TikTok and Instagram feeds is “Korean blush nails.

    The manicure style is a neutral foundation with a centre burst of pink or red “blush.

    Learn how to replicate this fall manicure on yourself.

    On social media, new nail styles are always emerging. If you’re looking for your next fall manicure, we’ve got you covered. “Korean blush nails” are trending on TikTok and Instagram, and the beautiful minimalist nail aesthetic is simple to replicate at home.

    If you’re not familiar with blush nails, let us explain with the help of two experts.

    What Are Korean Blush Nails

    PC: Pinterest

    Blush nails are a gorgeous Korean style that combines nail art and makeup,” says Jin Soon Choi, founder of Jinsoon Nails. A light, neutral-colored base is commonly utilised, with a patch of diffused pink or red gloss — or, in some circumstances, genuine blush — to replicate the effect of rosy cheeks.

    It’s like a more toned-down and natural sibling to the aura nail trend we saw everywhere at the end of summer,” Choi explains, “making this a perfect segue into fall manicures.” This nail fad is certainly not new in Korea, but it is now receiving some well-deserved attention on social media in the United States.

    Korean Blush Nails Tutorial

    PC: Pinterest

    The original trend is created by applying a sheer pink nude base and an actual blush or a pink eyeshadow lightly dabbed with an eyeshadow brush onto the centre of the nail, then sealing with another coat of the base shade to blend everything together,” says digital creator and manicurist Dayanna Sapiens. However, you can achieve a similar look by using solely nail products, as Sapiens demonstrated in her Instagram Reel lesson for the trend.

    I used two jelly pink nude nail colours, Lights Lacquer Adaline ($11) and Marie ($11), one lighter than the other to produce this lovely nail look,” Sapiens explains. “The lightest shade serves as a foundation.” With these two colours, begin by applying your base colour, and then “while the paint is still wet, dab the richer pink over the centre of the nail while fading it slightly outward to produce a more natural transition.” The diffused look is achieved by applying the pink “blush” to the nail while the base is still wet, as if you were mixing a blush pigment onto your cheeks.

    PC: Pinterest

    You may jazz up this manicure by adding extra embellishments if you want. “If you have the materials, you may add diamonds, a french tip, or blob nail art — another popular Korean style,” Choi explains.

    We have little doubt that blush nails will become a significant trend in fall, given the development of minimalist manicures. The manicure is more distinctive than conventional “Parisian” or beige nails, while remaining modest and unobtrusive. That is, you will still get the coveted “let me see your nails!” remarks without making too much of a statement.

    Get inspired by the next blush nail trend by watching Sapiens’ lesson on how to recreate the look at home.

    Korean Blush Nails With Nail Polish

    PC: Hype Bae

    This Korean blush nails tutorial creates the blush effect with normal nail paint, making it simple to recreate at home.

    Korean Blush Nails With Crystals

    PC: Pinterest

    Crystal decorations on each finger of these almond-shaped pink nails offer a bit of glitter to the mani.

    Hot-Pink Korean Blush Nails

    PC: Enova

    If you want a more eye-catching manicure, use a brighter blush colour like this hot-pink example.

    Korean Blush Nails With Heart Charms


    The base of this manicure is traditional Korean blush nails, but each ring finger also bears a heart-shaped pendant.

    Korean Blush Nails With Chrome Swirls

    PC: Pinterest

    Chrome nails are also very trendy right now, and this Korean blush manicure features silver chrome swirls on the fingers.

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