Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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    Low-rise jeans became the throwback trend of the season

    The fluctuations in trends this year have been accentuated by one pronounced drop in particular: waistlines. There are no more excuses: low-rise jeans are back, sexy, pearl-clutching, and sultry. There have been warning signs of 2000s fashion resurfacing recently in the form of designs of that era coming into recent seasons. you might have once thought low-rise jeans were banished to the annals of fashion history along with belly chains and un-ironic bandanas, but it seems that not only are they back, but we’re actually glad they are.

    There was Julia Fox’s sub-pubic swoop seen out and about in New York City last week (July 22nd), the revealing bandeau and bottom-skimming trousers look Emily Ratajkowski wore at the Balenciaga Haute Couture show in Paris, Bella Hadid’s summer wardrobe and Britney Spear’s new low-cut style that she debuted on her Instagram this week.

    If you’re old enough to have explored the trend the first time around, you’ll remember being inspired (or deterred, depending on your stance) by the likes of Christina Aguileira (then X-tina, in her Dirrty phase), the aforementioned Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Destiny’s Child and the rest of the queens and It-girls of the 00s. You might even remember having to participate in some strategic trimming in order to take part in the trend.

    Although the 2000s showed a tendency for favoring a certain body type, resembling that of a Barbie, in this decade all body types are being catered to, – Spokesperson, Karen Millen.

    Image Source: Popsugar

    Not only were the Spring 2022 runway collections far from the super-slim or bootcut styles of back then, but they were also crowded with slouchy, oversized shapes that span far below the waistline. Look to Miu Miu’s Spring 2022 collection for a fashionable chino version of the mini skirt that was talked about all over the internet. Blumarine, whose Y2K-heavy Spring 2022 collection included super-low, cargo-style denim, Molly Goddard, Missoni, and Vaquera, who went wide-leg to balance exposed waists, took a more sophisticated approach with paper bag waists.

    Jeans with a low rise are back, but how low should you go? It is undeniable, and palpably so, that the sexy style is a hot topic, with searches for the retro-inspired silhouette rising 859 percent in India, and 107% globally, according to Stylight, an online fashion search platform.

    On a personal level, I am prepared for them, and have anticipated their comeback for a while. They feel fresh, especially in a wide-legged trouser. – Paige Addams-Geller

    Image Source: Pinterest

    I am thrilled about the return of the low rise! exclaimed Paige Denim founder, Paige Adams-Geller, sighting a personal favorite low-rise moment from a vintage edition of French magazine PHOTO magazine, in which Claudia Schiffer, a former supermodel, graced the cover wearing nothing but a pair of unbuttoned, faded low-slung jeans. “On a personal level, I am ready for them and have anticipated their resurgence for a while. They feel fresh, especially in a trouser wide- leg silhouette.” As for how to wear the risqué waistline, (or rather, hipline) Adams-Geller suggests a conservative counterbalance to the sexiness of the slinky style, suggesting elegance can indeed be achieved. I recommend pairing them with a cropped sweater in Autumn for a more casual look, and with a blazer and fitted knit for a more polished appearance, she explains.

    A significant interest in the return of the low-rise coincides with its increased body inclusivity in 2022, in stark contrast to its iterations in the noughties. a spokesperson for Karen Millen said, All body types are celebrated and catered for in this decade, contrasting with the singular body type of the 2000s which resembled a Barbie. low-rise jeans are more accessible to all body types, and brands are becoming more inclusive.”

    If you’re feeling brave, try crop tops with high necks to draw attention to your bare midriff, or slim-fitting, fine knits for more coverage. Stand up and put the pants on in the fitting room to make sure they’re comfortable, secure and tight at the waist, or if they’re loose enough, go ahead and get a waist belt. Let’s leave out the scant underwear for now. Based on my calculations, it won’t be long before the unfortunate Show-your-G-String trend returns – but hopefully we’ll be able to duck below that one.

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