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    Magnetic Eyelashes: The Lash Trend Taking Over the Beauty World

    If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably watched several videos on magnetic lashes on your Instagram feed, and wondered to yourself, What are these?!? And how do they work? Magnetic eyelashes are a new beauty trend that are gaining popularity in the makeup world—and they may just be the next lash craze! You’ve probably seen magnetic lashes and were confused by what they were…but don’t worry, we have all the answers! Learn more about this product, including how to apply them and where to buy them!

    How Magnetic Lashes Operate


    When applying magnetic eyelashes, a specific magnetic liner is first placed to the lash line and allowed to dry before the magnetized ends of the lashes are affixed. With the help of tiny magnets, the magnetic eyelashes are also held to your lash line and to one another.

    Ashunta Sheriff, a cosmetic artist and the founder of Ashunta Sheriff Beauty, says that anyone can apply these lashes as long as they can draw a straight line. Her company produces a brand of magnetic lashes called Magnetieyes.

    Application of Magnetic Eyelashes

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    You only need to follow a few simple steps to apply magnetic eyelashes, however the instructions will vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. To start, you can wish to clip the eyelashes to the desired length. Then, some companies will instruct you to apply a black magnetic eyeliner (which may also be used as eyeliner) to your upper lash line, while others utilize a strip equivalent to a sticker.

    It’s crucial to wait three to five minutes for the paint to dry before painting over the line, advises Sheriff. unstable hand You can always draw a pencil line around the eyes first to ensure a straight line, she advises.

    The magnets will then start to operate after you apply your preferred lash strip over the line (or bottom strip). They will essentially be on all night, according to Sheriff. I’ve observed someone wearing them for three to four days. Many brands are reusable, including Magnetieyes.

    Remove Magnetic Eyelashes: A Guide

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    Sheriff advises removing them by working your way inward from the outside corner of your eye. She continues, “Then you want to peel any residual of the magnetic liner, which actually feels nearly like rubber.” Just remember not to rip them off completely, as this could damage your natural lashes. Always have some of your preferred eye makeup remover on hand in case you run into problems removing your eye makeup.

    Identifying Features of Magnetic Lashes

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    It first relies on the appearance you want. You might choose to go for a full-glam look, similar to typical falsies, or go for something a little more natural. Next, you should consider the material. Others are made from real human hair, silk, or faux mink, while some are constructed from synthetic materials. Be mindful of any allergies you may have since some of these materials may irritate you. And finally, when it comes to application, would you rather use a liquid line or a strip?

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