Monday, January 23, 2023

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    Masaba Gupta’s favourite facial oil and shaping technique to make your face naturally contoured in minutes

    After washing her face, actress and designer Masaba Gupta likes to wake up to a face sculpting massage, which has natural results and will contour your face. “I like to start my day with this entire session because it helps my mind and face to declutter,” she says.

    Ever wish that you could have that lit-from-within glow, with all the benefits of a single-step, deep cleanse treatment?

    She applies the routine specially designed for the actress and designer by Rajni, an Ayurvedic specialist in skin and hair. She begins with a few light pinches around the eyebrow area before moving on to the area by the jaw and cheek for relaxation.

    In addition to face oils, Gupta uses a face serum three times per week. I like to use the Shrikamya Facial Beauty Oil by Ohria Ayurveda because it brightens and tightens the skin. It doesn’t usually go well with oily or acne-prone skin, but in this case it is worth it. I’ll gently massage it between my hands, then spread it onto my skin and use a little bit on my neck, she says.

    There are many reasons why facial yoga or facial sculpting massage is so popular, one being that it promotes healthy skin. A facial massage has the same positive effects as a regular massage, including easing tension and lessening stiffness in areas like the cheeks and jaw. As a result, the puffiness of your skin is reduced, leaving you with a sculpted appearance and healthy glow.

    The routine doesn’t stop there — follow along, as Masaba Gupta explains this routine on how to give yourself an instant, magical facelift.

    Please consult your dermatologist before performing this massage if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.

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