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    Mistakes You Were Making With Your Gel Nail Polish That You Were Unaware Of

    Gel paint is quickly becoming the manicure treatment of choice for fashionistas. If you’re tired of chipped conventional nail paint and don’t want to commit to regular salon appointments for dipping powder or acrylics, gel polish offers a natural yet long-lasting finish. According to OPI, a nail polish manufacturer established in Los Angeles, gel polish is simply coloured gel that resembles nail lacquer. It’s applied with a brush, much like ordinary nail polish, and results in a shinier, more professional look. While most regular nail polishes peel within a few days, gel polish may last two to three weeks.

    While gel polish provides an alternative to normal nail polish’s fragility, the American Academy of Dermatology Association advises that it can be detrimental to nails, causing them to become brittle and prone to breaking. There are a few typical errors to avoid while applying gel paint to keep your nails healthy while still rocking a gel manicure. This will also improve the appearance and longevity of your gel polish!

    Not preparing your nails properly

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    One of the most common mistakes individuals make while applying gel nail paint is failing to properly prep their nails. According to IGEL Beauty, appropriate preparation is required for every nail procedure, including gel manicures. Remove previous nail paint with remover, buff the surface of your nails, push your cuticles back, and apply a clear nail base coat to properly prime your nails. This final step ensures that the gel adheres to your natural nail. It’s also a good idea to shake the gel polish before using it.

    Carless application

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    To properly apply your gel polish, avoid painting in large strokes, since this offers you less control over the product (via Kiara Sky). Long strokes also produce uneven layers, preventing the gel from sticking to the nail. Shorter strokes will also help you avoid putting gel on your cuticles, which will cause the entire layer of polish to come off.

    Though it may be tempting to cover your nails with heavy layers of gel, this is another error. Less is always more. According to Nail Thoughts, it’s especially vital to avoid putting gel polish on your skin during the application process because it won’t just wipe off like nail paint.

    Not curing your gel polish

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    Most gel nail paints require the use of a UV light to cure. UV lights, on the other hand, release trace levels of radiation that have been linked to cancer (via Cancer Council). Fortunately, there are gel nail polishes on the market that don’t require a UV lamp to cure, so choose such brands if you don’t want to use a lamp. Alternatively, My Body Day suggests immersing your painted nails in an ice bath for five minutes, covering your painted nails with cooking spray, or applying a generous amount of quick-drying nail polish spray to cure gel polish without the need of a UV lamp.

    Don’t forget to apply a top coat to your gel nails after curing to seal the manicure and prevent chipping.

    Not removing your gel polish carefully

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    Even if your gel polish hasn’t broken, you should never keep it on for more than three weeks (via Rahet Bally). Because harmful germs might build beneath the gel, it is critical that it be removed after three weeks.

    When removing the gel, resist the impulse to scrape or pick at it, since this can potentially injure your nails. Acetone is the most efficient technique to remove gel polish at home, but you may also go to a salon and have your gel polish professionally removed (through the American Academy of Dermatology Association).

    Getting back-to-back gel manicures

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    Another common error is getting back-to-back gel manicures, which can dry your nails. Dr. Sonia Batra, a board-certified dermatologist, told Today that gel polish can cause “nail weakening,” and that using harsh gels for an extended period of time can “give birth to a yellow-orange discoloration of the nails or to white, rough areas, known as keratin granulation.” Avoid this by taking a break from your gel manicure for at least a few weeks. If you’re concerned about the condition of your nails, consult with a professional to determine whether you need apply extra gel polish.

    Gel nail paint, when applied correctly, may make your nails seem professionally done. However, it’s critical to avoid these frequent blunders to guarantee your manicure looks perfect and your nails stay healthy.

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