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    Namrata Purohit’s 5 At-Home Exercises to Work Your Entire Body

    Namrata Purohit, celebrity trainer and fitness expert, shares 5 at-home exercises to work your entire body while avoiding the gym. This simple routine will get you toned and trim in no time. Once you’ve completed these exercises, give yourself two days off from working out, then repeat the same five exercises for an equally effective workout every other day of the week.

    You’ll be sweating from your core with celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit’s exercises in this video. You can add these exercises to your already fun routine if you don’t have time and don’t want to break your streak, or you can spruce up a rather boring gym day with them.

    Although hitting the gym, pilates, spin, or zumba may seem like the perfect “full body workout,” sometimes all you really need is a couple of exercises to break a sweat and get your full body working. If you have a desk job or still work from home, you need a routine that will take care of those sore, tight muscles by helping them to relax and take it easy.

    In her video, Namrata Purohit goes over the essential exercises that work your core, glutes, legs, arms, back, obliques, and other parts of your body.

    Squat Twist

    Squat deep, come up, and then do an oblique twist. Make sure your knee touches your elbow. Repeat the process on both sides.

    Side Lunge Into Shoulder Press

    Step down into a side lunge, tighten the glutes as you return to the start position, work on balance and shoulder press. Repeat on both sides.

    Plank Variation

    You are going to work your quadriceps, your core, your arms, and your shoulder stabilisers as you rock back and forth. As you do so, make sure your core is engaged!

    Side Bend And Kick

    Come up pressing into your arms, working your obliques, and shoulders while lying on one side.

    Tricep Dips Bridge

    Put your weight into a bridge, drop into a low tricep dip, squeeze your glutes up and work the back of your body. In order to keep your core engaged, your finish by holding one leg in a table top position while on the ground.

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