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    Navya Nanda’s Guide to the Ultimate DIY Haircare and Skincare Regime

    All-rounder Navya Nanda’s DIY haircare and skincare regime has been helping her to look her best while keeping things super affordable and simple. Follow her step-by-step guide to the ultimate DIY haircare and skincare regime by Navya Nanda, to look gorgeous at all times! Remember, great hair and skin starts with you!
    For an actress who spends as much time in front of the camera as Navya Nanda does, makeup that’s hydrating and good for your skin is crucial. While she relies on products like L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Serum to refresh her skin post-extended shooting schedule, she also uses and swears by tried-and-true, easily-accessible recipes for healthy skin like those passed down from her grandma and mother. Nanda and I catch-up over a chat on a grey, drizzly day. Nanda is wearing a black tee with a messed-up half-up, half-down hairdo, sans makeup, working in her own home office. A child who has been taught to stay grounded from her formative years exhibits a preternatural poise. Her fabled lineage is a source of privilege and pedigree, but Nanda never thought to bask in its glow. Rather, Nanda wished to achieve impact and use her inheritance as a tool for change. her words to Vogue: “Great privilege comes with great responsibility.”

    Embracing her Roots

    Nanda too has relied on centuries-old Indian beauty rituals: sandalwood, yogurt, and hair oil masks. As soon as she knows about this practice, she waxes eloquently about hair-oiling. ” It’s a practice my nani has followed her entire life, and at 75, her hair still looks beautiful. She’s got a lifelong habit that I blindly follow—I’ve been oiling my hair since childhood. Some of my fondest memories are of my nani, my mom and I sitting together in a line and having a self-care day with hair oil, she recalls. My Nanda goes on to gush about using yogurt to deeply cleanse the scalp. Dahi is applied to the scalp for about two hours before being washed off. Another quick fix is my mom’s chandan face mask recipe. During my teens, it helped me deal with acne.

    On Her Skincare and Haircare Routine

    It’s clear from Nanda’s own beauty journey that she advocates a minimal, time-honoured approach. “My skincare routine isn’t too complicated. My skin care routine consists of cleansing, moisturizing, and wearing a sunblock. My daily regimen is simple: I apply the L’Orreál Paris Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Serum for skin care, amla and Aara Immunited We Stand for supplements, and leave my hair naturally long and undisturbed. “I inherited my nani’s Bengali genes, so my hair is thick and long, which is sometimes difficult to manage. But a simple shampoo-conditioner-serum regimen works the best for me,” she says.

    On the Shifting Culture

    She seems small in stature, but her sense of responsibility is really colossal. Nanda shares, Age doesn’t matter anymore because today people across ages are (and should be) championing causes for women empowerment. In my opinion, there is no optimal age for getting involved and bringing about change. I decided to join several initiatives through Project Naveli after I graduated college in 2020. Founded in 2013, Aara Health, provides affordable healthcare products and services with a women-centric approach. i realized that there are few young women doing entrepreneurial work across industries when I founded Aara Health and entered the start-up landscape. Unfortunately, they don’t get the same opportunities that I’ve had. Nanda muses, adding a philosophical undertone to her thought, that I would be wasting my privilege, platform and resources if I didn’t make use of them.

    On Taking the Reins

    Despite a merciless pandemic, she launched Project Naveli in 2021 to combat gender inequality in India. This social entrepreneur and businesswoman has now teamed up with L’Oréal Paris for their ‘I Know My Worth’ campaign. Consequently, she joins a group of inspiring women, including Abiti Rao Hydari, Mithali Raj, and Dr Jaishree Sharad, to produce a film series on self-esteem. this is a big deal to me to become part of the L’Oréal Paris family with this campaign. The values that I have grown up with are in line with the brand’s ethos. In addition to the products it sells, L’Oréal Paris has made radical efforts in liberating women and encouraging them to be proud of themselves. The collaboration felt like a natural fit. What I liked most about the campaign is how they shot it, which authentically depicted everyone’s ideology.” Nanda assets.

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