Friday, March 24, 2023

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    No Time for the Nail Salon? Try These Quick and Easy Press-On Nails

    You want to know what nails I’ve been wearing for the previous two years? Press-ons. When people ask who my nail artist is, most are surprised by my response, and I’m always pleased to reveal my secret. I learnt a few tricks for making press-ons last longer because, unlike gel and acrylic, water and oil can cause them to lift before you’re ready.

    So here are a few pointers. The first step is to thoroughly wash and dry your hands. Next, wipe down each fingernail with alcohol to eliminate any remaining oil. If you omit this step, your nails will be short-lived. Finally, hold the press-on for at least 10 seconds to ensure that the adhesive sticks to your nails. When washing your hands, make sure to fully dry them after each wash to avoid water getting under your press-on. And case one falls off, always keep a spare tube of glue in your purse. Replacing a press-on is simple.

    Let’s get started with some of our favorite press-on options for your next at-home manicure.


    PC: ASOS

    This reusable black-and-white kit includes 24 nails, a dual-sided buffer and file, a cuticle stick, and non-damaging nail adhesive.


    PC: The Nailest

    It’s important to support independent artists, and this nail artist does anything from neutral to full-on bling. Each set includes 30 tips as well as a comprehensive prep kit that includes two sheets of nail tabs, nail adhesive, a pusher, and a nail file.


    PC: Beauty Lectual

    Make your French nails vibrant. This vivid pack of 30 nails is reusable and lasts up to three weeks.


    PC: Olive and June

    Long nails are a chef’s kiss, but we all know they aren’t for everyone. These extra-short French tips are manufactured from 94% post-consumer recycled materials and have a neutral peachy pink foundation. The kit includes 42 press-ons in 21 different sizes.

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