Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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    Noah Cyrus Is the Latest Celebrity to Bleach Her Eyebrows to Oblivion: Why This Trend is Taking Over

    This Halloween, Noah Cyrus’ eyebrows were nowhere to be found. Cyrus joined Julia Fox, Kendall Jenner, Nicola Peltz Beckham, and others in experimenting with the bleached-eyebrow trend while in Denver on her “The Hardest Part” tour. Cyrus’s decision? Your ability to tolerate pain will be put to the test by this beauty fad. The “I Burned Down LA” singer captioned pictures from the concert on Instagram with, “I bleached my eyebrows.. that sh*t hurttt wtff,” probably alluding to the pain and itching that bleach burn can occasionally cause.

    For the holiday season, Cyrus debuted a spooky makeup look in addition to her newly invisible eyebrows. Her red lipstick was heavily smudged down her chin and neck, and her winged eyeliner was opaque to the point of appearing greyish, giving the appearance of a shadow above her cheekbones. The singer scratched at her makeup with two-inch matte nails that resembled claws, which increased the creepiness of the appearance. Cyrus’s final look, which included her semi-sheer maxi dress and raven-black hair, gave off Morticia Addams vibes.

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    Celebrities aren’t afraid to go to extremes when it comes to highlighting every feature of their faces, from completely erasing them to brushing them up for a dramatic statement look. Dove Cameron, Lily James, and Bella and Gigi Hadid are some other famous people who have experimented with the bleached eyebrow trend this year. While this is going on, celebrities like Doja Cat are going to extremes with their brows, shaving them off and painting abstract patterns like hearts and flowers in their place.

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