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    Nose Bridge Makeup Trend is Blowing Up

    As much as we adore more traditional makeup looks like a strong red lip or a classic cat eye, there’s something whimsical about a look that blurs the lines between beauty and art. One example is the “nose bridge” cosmetic style that has lately found its way onto the red carpet, as well as our TikTok For You Pages.

    To say this nose-bridge cosmetic trend is avant-garde is an understatement, yet there’s something extremely wearable about it. Emma Corrin most recently wore the look at a banquet in September, but we have a feeling this cosmetics look will be making more appearances in the near future. If you want to attempt it yourself, we’ve broken down the trend and how to do it at home below.

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    What Is the Nose-Bridge Makeup Trend?

    The nose-bridge cosmetic trend involves applying a splash of colour over the bridge of the nose between the eyes, generally something bright or icy. “Influencers, editorial artists, and other civilizations have long regarded the bridge and nose as a canvas for cosmetics and paint,” Cat Quinn, executive director of trends for MAC Cosmetics.

    The beauty status quo has been radically disrupted by Generation Z. “Overall, we’re seeing young people reject traditional beauty standards and long-held makeup’rules’ in favour of self-expression and artistry,” she adds. Other prominent beauty trends include graphic eyeliner, bleached brows, the jellyfish hairstyle, “aura” makeup, and more.

    Quinn has a few theories on where the inspiration for this outfit originated from. “This feels like a continuation of inner-corner highlighting, which progressed to inner-corner colour, which gradually migrated up into the bridge and even over the nose,” she explains. In some ways, the cosmetic trend is also related to another famous beauty theme: butterflies.

    “The form resembles butterfly wings, which links to the butterfly and fairy patterns we’re seeing in fashion and beauty,” Quinn explains. “We’re at the pinnacle of fairycore and grunge, and people are drawn to looks that feel like a dream and an escape while still having a subversive edge to them.

    How to Re-Create the Nose-Bridge Makeup Trend

    There are a few methods to recreate the nose-bridge makeup trend at home. Quinn suggests adding eyeshadow or blush for a quick change.

    If you’re new to the trend, start with a shimmer or frost finish eyeshadow – they’re much simpler to mix and more forgiving of any errors, she advises. I adore working with anything in the lavender/purple frost family to achieve this effect. MAC Dazzleshadow in Shine De-Light, Celestial Winter 10-Piece Eyeshadow Palette, and Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow are other alternatives.

    The blush method, on the other hand, is ideal for novices since it allows you to gradually add colour. Think of it like blush draping, except instead of the outside corners, you’re draping the inner corners of your eyes. We recommend the Patrick Ta Major Headlines Blush & Highlighter Palette Vol II and the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush to get this look.

    To let your nose-bridge makeup shine, keep the rest of your face makeup to a minimal — skip mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick in favour of just a dab of gloss — then, voilà.

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