Friday, October 7, 2022

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    Purple Hair on Halle Berry Is Definitely Punk-Rock

    Halle Berry is ahead of the curve while the rest of Hollywood adopts the Barbie blond hairstyle. Berry has been “busy busy” experimenting with numerous looks and hues since debuting her buzzed bixie haircut and blond bangs at the Critics’ Choice Awards in March. As a result, we are now sure that there is no look Berry cannot pull off. The “Moonfall” actress provided evidence in support of the hypothesis on August 6 when she posted pictures of her new asymmetrical shag cut and purple curl hair colour to Instagram.

    Berry posted a series of photographs showing off her violet highlights, “I know I look like I’m doing nothing but my hair is extremely busy. Berry intentionally left the underside of her bixie undercut inky black to contrast with her almost iridescent curls. The final result resembles a punk-rock beauty board and garnered a fire emoji from Julianne Moore in the comments section.

    Berry reminds us that her most recent hairstyle isn’t the only time she’s experimented with hair colour with a fresh set of vibrant curls to style. Over the years, the celebrity has worn her hair in a variety of brown, black, and auburn hues, but in 2017, she abandoned her trademark light brown colour. Berry donned a crop of Y2K-inspired highlights while promoting her suspenseful movie “Kidnap,” which hinted at her most recent violet shag style. She released images from the event on Instagram after the red carpet, giving us a close-up look at her purple-pink highlights, which were a great look both then and now.

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