Friday, February 3, 2023

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    Quinta Brunson Is Just Like Us, She Loves Drugstore Shopping

    Quinta Brunson has now earned the title of beauty ambassador. She recently announced her partnership with skin-care brand Olay, and for her, the partnership just makes sense. The Olay brand has been in Brunson’s bathroom since she was a little girl, she tells POPSUGAR. I remember using this as a child. My mom always used it, and even if she would try something new she would always find her way back to this one product.

    Brunson is now in the company of celebrities like Busy Phillips and Carrie Underwood, and she projects an air of authenticity which lies at the core of everything she does. A prime example? The television character she portrays, Janine Teagues, on her popular show, Abbott Elementary.

    “Janine often plays with [new beauty experiments] subtly,” Brunson says. she’s not as comfortable changing her hair as Ava for example, but she’ll pin a piece back today and think she made a major change. I’m the same way. When I do one tiny little thing, people are shocked. I am not a girl who wears a lot of makeup. So, working with a brand like Olay is important to me so that my skin looks good regardless.”

    Quinta’s passion for skin care goes beyond just mere passion: being caught up in the hype surrounding the launch of every new beauty product that’s released. brunson got swept up in that big boom and in the end, she was overwhelmed and ended up throwing a lot of it away.

    Though there are a few beauty treatments that Brunson has been using for a while now (some of which include lymphatic drainage massages and LED light therapy wands, she says), this partnership still holds a special place in my heart because it introduced me to my nightly skincare routine simplifier.

    My current favorite products from Olay would be the entire Retinol24 + Peptide Night Collection, Brunson says. I really like having a more laid-back routine, but what took me a long time to build was a good regimen. I like how my skin feels when using these products in combination and they actually work for me she says.

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