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    Shape Up Your Shapewear Knowledge With This Comprehensive Guide

    Shapewear can be a great tool for helping you feel your best, whether your goal is to accentuate your figure or create a smoother line with a particular outfit. You’ve probably heard of Spanx and Skims, two of the major shapewear manufacturers, but the sheer amount of options leaves you unsure of where to begin.

    First, a few general pointers: Never go down a size in shapewear, despite how tempting it may sound (via Bustle). Going too small can actually have the opposite effect by causing bulges and other uncomfortable areas where your shapewear is too tight. Shapewear should always be a help to you, never something you’re forced to tolerate. Stay true to your size, advises WebMD, as wearing shapewear that is too tight can harm your nerves and internal organs.

    As different shapewear will all have varying levels of materials designed to constrict, pull in, and smooth, it is also important to check the material of your shapewear. Don’t aspire to look like anyone else, either. Shapewear can help you feel more confident about certain body parts, but trying to look like Kim Kardashian by buying shapewear is not the best course of action and will only make you feel disappointed.


    Bodysuits will draw in many places, but they don’t work as well with thinner clothing.
    Different kinds of shapewear will complement various outfits, according to StyleCaster. Choosing the proper shapewear for your look can be challenging, despite the fact that it may seem obvious. The mid-thigh bodysuit is the shapewear with the most extensive coverage. Shapewear that begins at the bust and extends to the thighs will cover and smooth the majority of your upper body, bum, and thighs if you’re wearing a long, form-fitting dress. Additionally, according to lingerie blog The Lingerie Addict, bodysuits frequently include a bra, so you won’t need to wear two sets of undergarments or run the risk of feeling overheated (in a bad way). However, if your dress is made of a thin material, full coverage bodysuits will show panty lines.

    A thong bodysuit, which is like a regular bodysuit but covers your torso with a thong at the back, solves this problem. For tight jeans, pencil skirts, and other outfits that accentuate your figure, this is a great choice.

    There are so many options for shapewear that it can be overwhelming.
    There are many other styles available if a full bodysuit doesn’t seem to fit you. StyleCaster advises wearing high-waisted tights or seamless shorts as bottoms. According to Bustle, high-waist styles will ensure a smooth line, especially if you buy shapewear that hooks onto your bra to prevent it from slipping down. Thong panties are the best choice if panty lines are still visible because they are guaranteed to be line-free.

    PC: Sculptshe

    Finally, torso shapewear can help you feel more confident about your upper body. According to The Lingerie Addict, shaping camisoles can give the appearance of a flatter stomach and a smooth upper line. The best time to wear cami shapewear is when you’re sporting a fitted top with looser pants or a fitted dress with a flared bottom.

    The most important thing to know about shapewear is that the type you need varies depending on your body type and the outfit you are wearing. Remember that you should never feel forced into wearing shapewear — only wear it because you want to and because it makes you feel good.

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