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    Surfshark Review: Is It The Best VPN For You?

    VPNs are essential privacy and security tools that can be used to protect your online activity, whether it’s just watching Netflix at home or doing business internationally. But which VPN is best? That all depends on what you need it to do, of course, so we’ve outlined some of the top VPN services in this Surfshark review and compared them against one another in terms of speed, price, and privacy protection. Keep reading to learn more about Surfshark’s features, strengths and weaknesses, and potential drawbacks.


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    Surfshark was founded in 2018, making it a new business. However, over the past four years, it has significantly expanded.

    Now, Surfshark has relocated its corporate headquarters to the Netherlands, a country that generally respects privacy. Because there is no legal requirement for businesses to save user data, Surfshark is free to operate under a “zero-log” policy. For fast reference, Surfshark’s “zero-log” policy means that it doesn’t keep track of its users’ browsing history or IP addresses. More on that later.

    On the other hand, the Netherlands is a part of the worldwide alliance known as the Nine Eyes. Companies based in Nine Eyes member nations as well as those governed by the larger 14 Eyes alliance may be required by the government to reveal customer information in specific circumstances if a court has given its approval (for instance, for matters of criminal investigation or national security). That would be worrying if Surfshark didn’t have a “zero-log” policy. We continue to trust Surfshark because it doesn’t record any browsing information and hence has nothing to divulge to the authorities in the first place.


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    While torrenting and streaming are not the main reasons we use VPNs, there is no harm in doing so occasionally for fun. We could pirate and watch content on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and a lot more services thanks to Surfshark.

    Camouflage and No-Borders Mode : When you’re in a more repressive nation, Surfshark options like Camouflage Mode and No-Borders Mode make it simpler and safer to connect to a VPN. In order to prevent governments from detecting that you’re using a VPN, camouflage mode, also known as obfuscation, disguises your VPN traffic to look like regular VPN traffic.

    Kill switch : The kill switch feature is useful in this situation. When a VPN connection drops, it automatically stifles all of your internet traffic to ensure that it never leaks out.

    Surfshark One : A kind of all-inclusive digital security solution, Surfshark One is an add-on service. It grants access to the secure search engine, identity monitoring service, and antivirus software of Surfshark.

    Split tunnelling : We concurrently connected to public and private networks using Surfshark’s Whitelister feature. As we viewed YouTube while still connected to a server from work, this conserved us much-needed bandwidth.


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    Expect slower speeds if you use a VPN because your online traffic must pass via an encrypted server in addition to the server for the public network.

    That is typical, but it doesn’t mean your internet service must come to a grinding halt. To make sure the VPN isn’t “destroying” our network, we tested our speeds while connected and outside of Surfshark. In our tests, we used both an Acer Aspire 5 and a 2011 Macbook Pro. Here is what we discovered.

    As you can see from the figures below, our speeds on the Mac fared significantly better than on the Windows PC, which was only moderately successful.


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    You can be facing a “the call is coming from within the house” scenario if your VPN isn’t protecting your data well. But fear not—we searched every bed frame as we went around the figurative house, and this is what we found.

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