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    Tanishq’s new Diamond Jewellery Collection Manifests as Colorful Storms

    Many jewellery houses have been influenced by the botanical world, with precious stones being the ultimate gift of nature. Botanical-inspired designs are often based on precious stones. Tanishq offers a fresh take on diamond jewellery inspired by the sometimes whimsical, sometimes challenging nature of monsoons. Indeed, it’s a challenge to harness the physicality of droplets in stone, but one that the jewellery house’s ateliers can handle with ease. With its bends and curves, fragmented surfaces, and touches of light, these lavish jewels not only lend a final touch to your bridal look, but provide striking choices for everyday wear.

    Tanishq’s latest fashion collection, Rhythms of Rain, was designed to be reminiscent of Abhishek Rastogi’s trips to the rain-bathed hills he visited on a long vacation following his suffering from Covid exhaustion a while back. he reflects, “It reminded me of those innocent childhood days filled with grass-stained knees and muddy hands, when our greatest pleasure was seeing whose puddle splashed the most,” during the peak monsoon season. It was the ebb and flow of water that inspired the designer’s thought process, ultimately sparking his creative energy. The result is a 19-piece collection of diamond sets adorned with colourful gemstones that’s perfect for black-tie events or cocktail parties.

    Image source: Vogue india

    Lisa Haydon’s best skills made her the perfect model for Rastogi’s vision. As an adventurous water-goddess, never too far from the ocean, who never knew what pregnancy meant, Lisa Haydon was just the right woman for the There are so many things written about her that reveal her compassionate character, a real person and somebody who was undergoing transformation. From being raised in a big, but loving family to modeling and becoming an actor, she lived life, she lived. says Rastogi.

    The designer has a deep love for nature and other ancient cultures, which he uses as fodder for his designs and to keep his creativity strong. Tanishq prides itself in a flawless design and exquisitely created fine jewellery, and it seems to touch a deep and personal note with him. It’s seen in his collections, their roots in the past, and his interactions with them- his own personal favorite neckpiece from the collection, for example, rhapsodies by the pond. “Let me take you on a creative journey– take a few seconds to close your eyes, breathe in and imagine rhythmic raindrops creating endless ripples on a pond of serene lotuses. The necklace begins with a pear-shaped aqua gemstone in the centre of the neckpiece, which is the very first drop on the pond. Around it, there is a halo of beautiful Tsavorites he explains. Check out below for more about the new luxurious designer pret-a-porter collection.

    Using Gemstones to Build a Colour Story

    Image Source: Vogue India

    jewels in the collection are the heart of every design, and their selection was carried out during several adventurous trips to Jaipur. We carefully selected a color palette for the collection that captured the magic of monsoons. Stunning gemstones such as Ethiopian Opals, Tsavorites, Tanzanites, Rhodolites, Sapphires, Citrines, Topazes, Pink Opals, and Emeralds were handpicked to best represent the mood of the rain. You can also see some very exotic and unusual colour combinations within the pieces.” The pieces contain gemstones of over 60 carats that had to be custom cut to fit the design.

    On my Journey of Design

    Image Source: Vogue India

    i would say, that would be how effortlessly the collection captures the feeling of rain. It inspires a mood, an emotion, and an intangible feeling into jewellery through materials that cannot speak. Getting the initial idea for the collection was a laborious process and took nine months in total. With an incredibly diverse group of designers at hand, these thoughts came to life, through a deep examination of various aspects of rain, from ephemeral clouds to rain’s crashing cadence to the peacock’s sway. From start to finish, it was literally like we were sculpting a piece of art, working tirelessly until we came up with a cohesive, harmonic arrangement. Put bluntly, it is something we care deeply about. So if I had to summarise the soul of this collection in a few words, I would say it is most powerfully felt by the wearer.

    On Maintaining the Edge

    Image source: Vogue India

    Tanishq has been at the forefront of cutting-edge designs and innovations. We keep evolving and experimenting, to keep pace with the changing consumer lifestyle. However, even in spite of being radically avant-garde, our designs are mostly often simple and streamlined, ornate and aristocratic, stylish and accessible. It would seem to me that our goal is to create modern heirlooms for today that also reflect years to come. We aim to balance today’s demands for creativity with longstanding tradition, creating designs that modernize time-honored classics.

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