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    The 14 Greatest Microfiber Towels To Dry Your Hair

    What are the advantages of utilizing a microfiber towel?

    “A microfiber towel gently and thoroughly absorbs moisture out of your hair and dries it in a fraction of time compared to a daily, normally cotton or terry, towel—all whereas defending from any kind of harm to your strands like breakage,” says Cohen. “Utilizing a microfiber towel is the gentlest method to dry your hair, it helps forestall harm and frizz, and it’s additionally light-weight and travel-friendly,” she says.

    How do microfiber towels work?

    “The fibers in microfiber towels are usually about 100 instances finer than human hair and there are tens of millions of fibers on one towel, so it may possibly maintain about seven instances its weight in liquid. Meaning, usually, microfiber towels have unbelievable moisture absorption which results in lowering the time it takes for hair to dry,” says Bomani.

    How ought to we towel dry our hair for finest outcomes with out damaging our hair?

    One of the best ways to dry your hair is to first towel dry after which permit it to proceed air-drying, Taylor says. “By permitting your hair to dry a bit within the towel, nearly all of the moisture is absorbed, which protects our hair and it’s environment friendly at eradicating water. Then, let your hair air dry earlier than styling, this may decrease the quantity of warmth harm you apply to your tresses,” she says.

    How ought to you take care of your microfiber towel?

    “Wash it individually from normal towels to maintain lint and different particles from clinging to it. Keep away from utilizing cloth softener to maintain it free from residue and to assist protect the lifetime of your microfiber towel,” says Bomani.

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