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    The 5 Best Places to Apply Perfume for a Long-Lasting Effect

    We all want our perfumes to last a long time so that we can smell good and stay fresh all day. Applying your perfume to specific important parts of your body is one of the most popular and efficient techniques to make it last longer. Before you can master the art of applying perfume, you must have a thorough understanding of your body. Any type of perfume or body spray will likely last longer and leave you smelling good if you apply it to a few key locations on your body. What are those focal points now? Tell us about each one separately!

    Best Places To Apply Perfume For Longer Duration

    Typically, people unthinkably spritz perfume over their arms, underarms, neck, and clothing. People frequently do this before heading out or attending an event. Furthermore, you must reapply the scent because it only lasts for a few hours at most. This occurs when you are unaware of the essential locations to apply perfume for longer-lasting results. Find 5 locations that retain smell for a very long time below, as listed by Mr. Ajit Dalmia, Managing Director of Kelyn Naturals.

    Behind your knees

    Another great place to apply perfume is the soft space behind your knees. If you wear a dress and apply perfume behind your knees, the aroma will be released as you cross your legs or wall around. Spray some perfume on this area before your next audition so that you can dazzle everyone with your aura.

    The ideal places to apply perfume to prolong the scent are these five. Although you can always spritz some on your clothes, that quickly wears off. These five ideas are the greatest, therefore.

    Inside elbows

    Heat is emitted from the area inside the elbows, which causes the aroma to mature more quickly. This works very similarly to pulse points, where heat intensifies and locks in fragrance. Therefore, don’t forget to spray some perfume within your elbows the next time you apply perfume. This advice can be useful if you’re going to a big event and want to stay scented without having to reapply.

    Pulse points

    CP: Greatist

    Experts claim that the warmth of the pulse spots warms the perfume and improves how it smells. It wouldn’t be incorrect to suggest that perfume enhanced and made to smell nicer for a longer time when sprayed on pulse points. Spray some perfume on your pulse points if you want your aroma to last for a long time.

    Behind the ears

    PC: iharare

    You should apply perfume to the area behind your ears or the nape of your neck. It keeps the smell from evaporating, preserving it. For those who are unaware, this is a technique used by ‘Itr’ users to create long-lasting fragrance. While Itr may not be everyone’s favourite due to its heavier scent, you can use your perfume to achieve the same result. It will probably last for more than a day if you spray some perfume behind your ears.

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