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    The 6 Winter 2022 Haircuts Taking Over Our Instagram Feeds

    There’s nothing quite like a new haircut to give you a fresh start on the New Year. After all, with the holiday season over and the bitter cold creeping into our lives, it’s time to look ahead and prepare for what’s coming next. And we have spotted some amazing new hairdos coming our way soon. Even if you don’t plan on updating your hairstyle anytime soon, these inspiring images will probably bring a smile to your face. So read on if you want to get some inspiration for your style in the upcoming winter season!

    Short Bob

    Long-haired girls, listen up! Don’t let your hair grow out to the extreme just because it’s winter. You can get a short bob just like this one, and it’ll look just as amazing. It’s the kind of haircut that can be easily put up or pulled back, so you can still keep your hair out of your face while it gets colder. It’s a simple style that works for a variety of face shapes and ages, so chances are there’ll be a version that’s perfect for you. This haircut can be styled in so many different ways, so you’ll have a new look every day. It’s a cool style that can easily be altered to suit your individual personality. You can get creative with colors and add some oomph with fun hair accessories.

    Lob with Bangs

    One of the biggest trends we’re seeing for next year is the lob with bangs. This is a great haircut for women with medium or long hair, as it’s easy to style and easy to care for. It’s a good idea to keep your hair long in the winter. It’s a lot warmer and you won’t have to deal with getting it out of your face when it snows. Plus, when it does grow out, you can get a lob with bangs again, so it’s a good haircut to have in your styling arsenal. There are lots of variations on this haircut, so you can really show off your personality with this style. You can even try different colors, which are also a huge trend for next year.

    Long Layered Haircut

    A long layered haircut is a great way to update your hairstyle without committing to a big chop. It’s a perfect style to have if you have shorter hair and don’t want to deal with the shorter layers and ends getting in your face. This style is good for almost every face shape, and it’s easy to style so you can change it up whenever you want. You can even add some color to your long layered haircut to make it stand out from the crowd. The color trend for winter is blue and purple, so try out one of those two if you want a change from your normal shade.

    Undercut Hairstyle

    If you’re a guy looking for a new haircut, we highly recommend getting an undercut. It’s a super trendy style that’s perfect for all seasons, and it’s easy to maintain. It’s not as drastic as you might think, as an undercut has long hair on top. You can even add some color to the long top if you want to make it really stand out. An undercut is a good haircut for all face shapes, especially if you have thick hair. It’s a stylish way to get rid of the hair that falls in your face without having to cut it all off. Plus, it’s a great haircut to pair with a beard, so if you’re a manly man, this is the style for you.

    Messy Bun with Long Side-Braids

    A messy bun with long side-braids is a trendy hairstyle that’s perfect if you want to keep your hair long but give it a bit of a break from long hair. You can pull your hair into a bun on the top of your head to keep it out of your face, and you can add some braids to the sides to add a little extra something. A messy bun is a great hairstyle to have in the winter because you can easily change it up when the seasons change. You can take out the braids and change your bun to a ponytail or pigtails if you want to have your hair out from the cold. Guys can do this hairstyle too if they want to have their hair out of their face without cutting it. It’s a cool hairstyle that’s easy to put together, and it’s super trendy right now.

    Medium Shag with Dark Roots

    Medium shag haircuts are perfect for those who want a longer style but don’t want to commit to growing out their hair. It’s easy to maintain this hairstyle, and you can change the color to suit the season. If you have dark roots, you can make your shag a bit more dramatic by getting it dyed bright. This haircut is perfect for people with triangular or round face shapes, and it’s easy to put together. You can style your shag with simple products, or you can put it up if you want to keep it out of your face. This is a good haircut to have in your styling arsenal, as it can be styled in many different ways. You can even try different colors depending on your mood.

    Coiled Updo with Long Fringe

    A coiled updo with a long fringe is a super trendy hairstyle that’s perfect for winter. This hairstyle is a great way to keep your hair out of your face while it gets colder outside, and it’s a stylish way to make your hair look longer. This haircut is good for women with medium or long hair, and it’s easy to style with a few bobby pins or a couple of twists. An updo is a great hairstyle for any occasion, and it’s a style that’s easy to change up if you want something new. You can even try a different color to make this hairstyle stand out even more, or you can try a different variation on the updo.


    That concludes our countdown of the 6 Winter 2022 Haircuts Taking Over Our Instagram Feeds. From short bobs to long layered haircuts and everything in between, we’ve shown you some of the most popular hairdos coming our way next winter. Now it’s time to decide which style you’ll have in a couple of years! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and we wish you the best of luck with your future hairstyle.

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