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    The 8 Best Baggy Jeans for a Fashion-Forward Look

    If you’re unfamiliar with baggy jeans, that’s understandable — they haven’t been in style since the 90s! But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to try them out, especially when they look this good on guys with big thighs and thin waists. Baggy jeans have been making a comeback this year, and now you can learn all about the best kinds of baggy jeans to wear while also learning how to pull off the trendy look so you can show off your trendy fashion sense wherever you go!

    1) Baggy Straight Jeans

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    No matter the size of your legs, these pairs will always look stylish and hip with high-waisted skirts, tucked in tops, or even just with another pair of skinny jeans. These are some of the most flattering styles on today’s market. But to be clear, not all baggy jeans are created equal. So if you’re looking for an outfit that is on trend and fashion forward then keep reading.

    2) Destroyed Baggy Jeans

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    If you want to keep up with fashion and stand out from the crowd, start by updating your wardrobe. And while skinny jeans have been in style for years, it’s time to switch things up and go with destroyed baggy jeans instead. These are now the go-to trend for guys on the edgier side of fashion. Want to know more about this look?

    Keep reading below!

    1) Your best bet is to find the perfect pair that’s not too shredded or over exaggerated so that they’ll still look stylish even after one wash.
    2) Pick either an ankle length or midi length pair depending on what suits your height best – high waisted looks great with these.
    3) A plaid shirt can give off a preppy vibe, but try pairing them with a tee and sneakers for a modern streetwear look.

    3) Skinny Jogger Pants

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    Skinny jogger pants offer an off-duty chic look that can be worn with an oversized hoodie, sneakers, and beanie. These are perfect for a day at the beach or when chilling in your dorm room. With so many variations of this look, you will be sure to find something to fit your style.

    4) High Rise Tapered Crop

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    Who says fashion is all about trendy and new styles? A little timeless style never hurt anybody. This one of the best baggy jeans ever! Not only is it flattering, but it’s versatile too. Wear these with a turtleneck sweater and boots to dress up an outfit or with sneakers for a more casual look. They’re perfect for when you want to put together an outfit that looks both stylish and comfortable.

    5) Boyfriend Jeans

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    Once the getup of choice for any outcast who didn’t have time to change clothes between classes, these once wacky jeans are now styled by fashion gods and goddesses all over the world.
    We’ve watched them steal the spotlight in every photoshoot, on every red carpet and on trendsetters on street corners. The boyfriend jean is back, better than ever with a mix of washes, fits and lengths to flatter any frame.

    6) Hipster Tapered Relaxed Fit

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    One of the most popular styles of baggy jeans is the hipster tapered relaxed fit. These are about the same length as regular jeans, but have an oversized leg with low rise and lots of room in the hips. They’re meant to be high waisted on people who have a small to medium waist size, but if you like them lower or taller, these can easily be hemmed or let out without too much fuss.

    7) Wide Leg Trouser Style

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    So, what’s the best way to wear wide leg trousers? We think they look best when styled in new and interesting ways.

    Check out these fun styles below.

    1) Take your denim jacket and style it with an oversize t-shirt (maybe even tucked into your jeans).
    2) Throw on a dressier top with heels or boots.
    3) Mix it up by adding sneakers or some other kind of shoe you don’t usually pair with jeans.
    4) Try wearing your baggies as slouchy shorts with flats!

    8) Wide Leg Casual Trousers

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    Wide leg trousers are most commonly seen in men’s fashion, with varying widths to suit all tastes. The best thing about the wide leg trend is that it can be paired with an almost limitless number of tops and shoes to create an outfit, so there is something to suit every occasion. Wide leg trousers are also perfect for accentuating your silhouette and drawing attention up towards your face. Whether you’re wearing them with trainers or heels, they will always look sleek and flattering on any figure!

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