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    The Best Nude Nail Colors for Every Skin Tone, According to Celeb Manicurists

    Nude nails are certainly having a moment in the beauty world, and with good reason — they look great on everyone! But finding nude nail polish colors that compliment your unique skin tone can be challenging — that’s why we turned to the pros at celebrity manicurist Fiona Stiles’ salon in Los Angeles, California, for some advice. We asked Stiles what her go-to nude nail color was, and she told us it was Essie’s Ballet Slippers.

    For Fair Skin

    1- ESSIE
    Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers

    PC : Lauren Swanson/Allure

    Without this cult-favorite lacquer from Essie, what good would a collection of nude nail colors be? Although Hanna claims it looks fantastic on any skin tones and is a staple in anyone’s polish collection, she claims it’s one of her go-to colors when dealing with clients who have fair and light complexion tones.

    2- GUCCI
    Glossy Nail Polish in 413 Ellen Blush

    PC : reddit

    This blush-colored tint is my absolute favorite for pale complexion, Hanna tells me. She emphasizes how wonderful a color like this appears on fair skin.

    3- JINSOON
    Nail Polish in Dew

    PC : makeupalley

    Hanna continues, “I also love this thin white-gloss shade from Jinsoon for people with lighter skin tones.” “This hue looks incredibly elegant on fair complexion and short nails because it’s on the lighter side of nude,”

    4- CHANEL
    Le Vernis Longwear in Ballerina


    “This nude nail color is clean and elegant with a soft-pink finish,” claims Goldstein. I recommend using two coats for better coverage.

    For Medium Skin

    1- CHANEL
    Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Organdi

    PC :thebeautylookbook

    Try a manicure color with touches of pink or peach for medium tones, advises Goldstein. This Chanel opaque full-coverage polish is excellent for medium complexion tones with pink undertones.

    2- ESSIE
    Nail Polish in Topless and Barefoot

    PC : makeupalley

    In all honesty, there are more nude nail polish hues than decent nudes, Bachik chuckles. I usually mix or layer nude tones to get the color I want. Having said that, he likes to wear this well-known Essie shade.

    Nail Polish in Naked

    PC :

    According to Gutierrez and Bachik, this appealing hue by Deborah Lippmann is another excellent choice.

    4- ESSIE
    Gel Couture Nail Polish in Sheer Silhouette

    PC :

    Consider these transparent, nude nail colors as your nails’ base, advises Goldstein. This one has soft-peach colour, which complements medium skin tones beautifully.

    For Dark Skin

    1- ESSIE
    Gel Couture Nail Polish in Of Corset

    PC :

    With A-list clientele like Zoe Kravitz, Salma Hayek, Issa Rae, and Rosamund Pike, celebrity nail technician Betina Goldstein says, “I prefer this translucent beige nude manicure color for darker complexion tones.” “Other sheer nudes include undertones of pink or white that clash with darker complexion tones. While yet preserving a sheer, clean appearance, this tint harmonizes the nail-bed color with the skin tone.”

    2- CHANEL
    Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color in Particulière


    Goldstein like Chanel’s nude nail color for its opaque look and more comprehensive coverage. She describes it as having the ideal combination of dark beige and creamy caramel. It’s one of my all-time favorite polishes, in fact.

    3- ESSIE
    Nail Polish in Truth or Bare

    PC : thebeautyclutch

    This fan-favorite Essie color is a light cinnamon-brown that leans neutral to warm and with a complimenting tinge of red. Bachik enjoys it especially for people with darker skin tones.

    4- ZOYA
    Nail Polish in Dea

    PC :

    For darker skin tones, Karen Gutierrez, a celebrity nail artist who works with stars like Gina Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Zoe Saldaa, Eva Mendez, and Gabrielle Union, advises choosing a nude-colored polish with a slightly orange undertone and going one to two shades lighter or darker than your actual skin.
    She adores this specific Zoya color, which is defined as “warm milky light brown nude cream with subtle orangey undertones” by the company.

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