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    The Best Reason to Choose a Fossil Watch

    What’s the best reason to choose Fossil watches over any other brand? It’s simple—you want your watch to look and feel like you, and that won’t happen if you pick a watch that was designed by someone else. Fossil watches are one of the few brands in the world that are known for their interchangeable straps, and they’re one of the only brands to offer both men’s and women’s watches with interchangeable straps.

    Elegant Case Design, Large Dimensions :

    The minimalist line from Fossil Watches is distinguished by its thinness. This watch has a very low profile and sits very comfortably on my wrist at only 7mm thick. This low profile is slightly undercut, but the overall dimensions of the timepiece are not. The case diameter is approximately 44mm, and the lug to lug distance is approximately 53mm – this is a very large watch. The lug to lug distance is so great that it extends past the width of my wrist (granted, I don’t have a large wrist at 6.75 inches).

    The watch’s main structure is an intriguing mix of two-tone polished and matte features. The watch’s underside is polished, while the middle and lug-top features are matte. The domed crystal is then held in place by a polished fixed bezel. When you sit down and really look at the case, you can see how these interplays work.

    The Fossil Watches Minimalist’s unique shape highlights all of these different polishes and textures. To be honest, the shape of this timepiece initially drew me in. The long protruding lugs, with their distinct almost architectural horn shape, evoke a vintage-style watch case.

    Bracelet 22mm with Solid End Links :

    Most watch enthusiasts who have become as jaded and disillusioned as I have are well aware that any bracelet under $100 is worthless. It’s a given that you’ll despise the bracelet and should immediately prepare to replace it with something else.

    Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I didn’t despise this Fossil watch bracelet and that I preferred to keep it rather than replace it.

    The case’s thinness is matched by the bracelet’s thinness. They didn’t just slap a catalogue bracelet on the watch. This is a bracelet that can only be worn with this watch. Matching the thickness of the bracelet to the thickness of the case allows the watch to maintain its proper proportions and balance while on your wrist.

    A Novel Approach to the “Minimalist” Dial :

    The dial of this Fossil Watch is quite sparse, as the name suggests. A very thin chapter ring is set beneath very thin reflective markers. At 12, the classic but understated Fossil Watches logo is joined by the product line logo at 6.

    The subtle sunburst effect on the dial, as well as the syringe-style hands, distinguish this dial from other watches riffing on the minimalist look. Both of these amusing personality moments help the watch to stand out in a sea of mediocre “minimalist” watches where the only difference is the lazy logo.

    The Hattori VJ21C Quartz Movement powers this watch :

    I finally discovered that this Fossil Watches timepiece uses a Japanese Quartz Hattori movement after fighting with the caseback for longer than I’d like to admit. Hattori movements are non-branded Seiko movements that are widely regarded as dependable, easily obtainable, and a solid choice for low-cost quartz watches.

    The typical battery life on here is approximately 1 – 2 years, but this can vary. The movement contains no jewels and has a monthly accuracy of +/- 20 seconds. Overall, it’s the type of dependable three-hand movement you’d expect from this watch, and I have no complaints about it. Battery replacements are simple and can be performed by any local watch technician near you.

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