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    The Best Solid Perfumes for an Alluring Scent

    Have you ever wondered what the difference between solid perfume and traditional spray perfume was? Is one necessarily better than the other? While they may seem like similar products, the truth of the matter is that solid perfume often has advantages over liquid perfume, including having longer-lasting scent, being more portable and even easier to apply. This guide takes a look at the ins and outs of solid perfume, including their pros and cons as well as their main features so that you can decide if it’s something you might want to try next time you go on your next shopping spree!

    What is solid perfume?
    Solid perfumes are a new way to wear your favorite fragrance. While they may not last as long as some other types of perfume, they are light and easy to carry with you while you’re on the go. They come in two forms: solid stick or solid balm. The sticks have a wax-like texture and the balms have a more cream-like texture. Both types come in a variety of scents and aromas that range from floral, fruity, musky, fresh and more!

    How long does it last?
    Solid perfumes are the perfect solution if you’re looking for something a little more long-lasting than your typical eau de parfum, but don’t want to have to reapply every time. The best part is that they won’t spill in your purse or get on your clothes, which means you can use them as often as you like and not worry about any stains! Plus, they come with a variety of scents so you’ll never get bored!

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    Traveling with solid perfume
    Solid perfumes are perfect when you’re traveling because they take up less space, can’t spill like liquid perfume and don’t need to be in a baggie or checked at the airport. Plus, if you happen to get caught in bad weather on your travels, you can simply wipe off your perfume and be good as new!

    Skin safety and allergies
    Skin allergies are common and can be caused by many different factors. These may include skin type, climate, age and the ingredients in a product. A few of the more common reactions include redness, itching, rash and hives. This can make it difficult to find a perfume that you like without worrying about whether or not it will irritate your skin or cause any adverse reactions. Thankfully there are some solid perfumes on the market that are safe for sensitive skin types.

    Scents you may want to consider
    -Lavender: Lavender is a soothing and calming scent. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to smell like they’re trying too hard.
    -Vanilla: Vanilla is one of the most popular fragrances out there because it smells feminine without being too sweet. It also mixes well with other scents, so you can find a vanilla based fragrance that works with your personal style.

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