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    The Hard Truth About Hard Water And Your Hair

    Hard water can cause damage to your hair, and it may not be immediately apparent until it’s too late. Below are three of the ways that hard water can cause problems for your hair, as well as tips on how you can avoid and solve these issues. Not sure whether you have hard water? Here’s how to test your water hardness!

    What Is Hard Water?
    Hard water is a term used to describe water that has high levels of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. While hard water can cause issues like dry skin, it can also lead to dry hair and dull looking locks.

    How Does Hard Water Affect My Hair?
    Hard water can be detrimental to your hair and make it dry, coarse, and unmanageable. Minerals in hard water combine with the natural oils in your hair, causing them to lose their protective coating and make it difficult for these natural oils to be re-moisturized. This makes your hair more prone to breakage, damage and frizziness.

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    Tips For Treating Hard Water Damaged Hair
    If you’re not careful, hard water can wreak havoc on your hair. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: a vinegar rinse. This simple DIY treatment is affordable and does wonders for your locks. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
    -Put one cup of vinegar in a spray bottle
    -Fill the rest with water
    -Spray onto hair and massage into scalp
    -Leave on for 3 minutes before rinsing out

    Final Thoughts on Hydrating Healthy Hair
    If you’re a person who lives in an area with hard water, then it’s important to be aware of the damage that can be done to your hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy and maintain its luster, try using a clarifying shampoo (at least once every two weeks), and make sure that you use conditioner after every wash. It may take a few weeks for your hair to adjust, but it will thank you in the end.

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