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    The Makeup Hacks You Need To Know To Look 10 Years Younger

    When it comes to anti-aging appearances, makeup may be your greatest friend, and with the appropriate methods and tools, you can enhance your natural beauty. Surgical face lifts are unquestionably costly and not for everyone, but skillfully duplicating the looks of these treatments all using cosmetics is a far safer and easier solution. We spoke with professional makeup artist Mary Winkenwerder, Alyssia Chang, creator of Prevail Beauty, and Celebrity Makeup Artist Lynn Simpson, who shared 7 makeup strategies to produce a bright, youthful-esque, glowing face.

    1. Contour Your Jawline, Cheeks and Lips

    According to Winkenwerder, the three key regions to contour for a face-lift look are the jawline, cheeks, and lips. Her initial step is to draw a dark line (2-4 shades darker than your natural skin tone) just beneath your jawline. “Blend nicely into the skin and apply a lighter line (2-3 shades lighter) immediately above the jawline on the face,” she explains, emphasising the need of full integration.

    Following that, apply “a deep tone line (2-4 shades darker than your natural skin tone) and lighter tone line above the deeper tone line on the lower cheek.” She also recommends drawing another line (lighter in tone) just above the lighter line on the face, completing lining the curve of the cheek apple.

    Winkenwerder recommends using a lip primer or a very light concealer all over the lips and along the natural lip line. “Blend the colour thoroughly into the region surrounding the natural lip line and apply your lip liner to finish your lip statement,” she says, adding that “foundation and colour makeup should be applied as usual.

    1. Don’t Forget Your Neck Area
    PC: Printerest

    While contouring your face may surely help you seem younger, Chang believes that applying makeup to your neck can complement your other efforts. “One of my favourite tricks for creating a quick face lift is to use a bronzer brush, apply contouring powder or a darker shadow like bronzer, and brush upwards from the “Adam’s apple” area and flash it off the bottom portion of the chin,” Chang says. According to her, this provides a “instant tuck” and helps elevate the face by making that region appear tighter.

    1. Use Highlighter (And Not Just On Cheekbones)
    PC: Be Beautiful

    While highlighter seems like a finishing touch for our cheeks, Chang believes it may also be applied in other places to help lift sagging skin and drive the eye higher. “When putting highlighter to the face, instead of only placing it on the top cheek bones for a cheek lift, use the ring finger to apply it to the tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose, and the cupid’s bow above the lips,” she advises. This, according to Chang, “will result in an immediate face, nose, and lip lift.

    Chang recommends adding a lighter, natural-looking liquid highlight after contouring to elevate the face. This can also be used as a lighter concealer. “After foundation, use a tiny quantity of this product beginning at the temples of the face and wrapping it around the eye region,” she recommends. “Blend out with a moist beauty blender, then bake (leave the powder rest on top of the lighter liquid area) for a couple minutes with a loose setting powder.” With a powder brush, dust off the precisely elevated sides of the face.

    1. Apply Blush In A Fanning-Out Motion
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    Where you apply your blush can really alter how your skin looks,” Chang adds, demonstrating a “very easy” technique for creating an immediate face lift effect. “Begin by applying blush from the hairline to beneath your temples,” Chang advises. “Then, using a flickering motion, fan out your blush brush from the hairline to the apples of your cheekbones.” This process appears beautiful and is quite simple to do.

    1. Lift Your Eyebrows With White Pencils
    CP: She Finds

    According to Winkenwerder, using a white pencil contour above and below the brow lines may substantially raise drooping brow regions. “With a sharpened white pencil, make little zig zag designs above the natural brow line.” In a circular motion, blend using a thick and soft bristle eye makeup brush.” She continues by blending the zig zag line pattern underneath the natural brow line. “Utilize your daily makeup look. This contour creates the illusion of a bigger eye region while also emphasising your brows.

    1. Use Setting Spray To Help Conceal Wrinkling
    PC: CT

    Setting spray may help keep your hard work into place at the end of your makeup look and even throughout the day, according to Chang, and it notably helps with wrinkles and fine lines. “After applying your face makeup, lightly sprinkle 1-2 sprays of setting spray with a moist beauty blender.” “Apply it beneath the eyes, on the sides of the eyes, on the forehead, and on the laugh lines,” she suggests. “With this procedure, any regions with lines or roughness will not move or have the makeup shift into those creases.

    1. Wing Your Eyeliner
    PC: Nykaa

    Winged eyeliner is the one item that can quickly raise your eyes and face! “To begin, you may line the top lid with the soft kohl pencil,” Simpson explains, emphasising the importance of “doing your best to keep it thin and tight to your lash line.” You may go back and add some thickness if you like, but don’t go excessive at first.

    It’s now time to install the wing. “Once you’ve achieved the correct line across the whole lid, use the angled brush edge dipped in gel liner,” she says. “Start at the outer corner of the eye and stamp a little angled line with the straight edge.” To maintain symmetry for both eyes, angle it towards the end of your brow. If the angles don’t seem even, just erase the stamped line using a Q-tip and eye makeup remover.

    Finally, Simpson recommends using a liquid liner to link the stamped edge to the line on your lid and fill in the outside corner to the desired thickness. “And presto! An immediate eye lift with a winged liner flick

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