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    The Most Flattering Eyebrow Shapes for Every Face Type

    Eyebrows aren’t the most glamorous facial feature, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to skip over them. Your eyebrows frame your eyes and allow others to see and read your emotions; which makes it pretty important that they look neat and well-maintained! To help guide you on what eyebrow shape would be most flattering for your face type, we’ve created this handy chart that lists the most popular eyebrow shapes by face shape!

    Round Face Shape

    Image Credit : BirchBox

    A round face shape is characterized by full, circular cheeks and a wide forehead. The best eyebrow shapes for a round face are those that help to elongate the face and make it appear more oval-shaped. Think arched or straight brows with a high arch.

    Square Face Shape

    Image Credit : BirchBox

    A square face shape is characterized by a strong, angular jawline. The best eyebrow shapes for a square face are soft and rounded, which will help soften the angles of your face. Avoid brows that are too thick or too straight, as they will accentuate your angular features.

    Oval Face Shape

    Image Credit : BirchBox

    For an oval face, the goal is to maintain the natural balance of the face. The eyebrow should be neither too thick nor too thin, and should begin and end at a point that is in line with the outer edge of the iris. The arch should be soft and subtle.

    Heart Shaped Face Shape

    Image Credit : BirchBox

    A heart shaped face is widest at the forehead and tapers to a small chin. The best eyebrow shapes for a heart shaped face are soft and rounded to help balance the face. Avoid harsh angles and straight brows, which can accentuate the point of the chin.

    Longer Face Shapes

    Image Credit : BirchBox

    If you have a longer face, you want to avoid straight, flat brows. Instead, go for a shape that has a bit of an arch and is fuller at the beginning. This will help give the illusion of a shorter face. Some good shapes to try are the classic arch, high arch, or even a soft round shape.

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