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    The New Cobra Haircut Is Here and It’s Better Than Ever

    Not long ago, The Cobra was merely an iconic hairstyle in the classic 1991 film Cool as Ice. Now, it’s a trendy new look that’s sweeping social media—and it’s a hit with the ladies! Created by celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, this buzzed-cut/long-bangs combination has taken Hollywood by storm, as A-listers like Nina Dobrev and Hilary Duff are sporting the Cobra Cut in their latest magazine shoots and Instagram selfies. Want to give this cool new look a try?

    Sure, you could believe that animal-themed haircuts belong more in an Odd Couples Instagram video than in a screenshot you show your hairstylist from your camera roll. You would then be in error. The newest hairstyle to join the herd is the “cobra” cut, which demonstrates that this fad has given rise to a variety of styles worth experimenting with, from soft “manta” ray” layers to brutally cut “jellyfish” portions.

    It’s not as bizarre (or biting) as it first appears; in fact, the reverse is true. The cobra haircut works particularly well for people with longer hair lengths that can look (and feel) burdened down. You could even think of it as a more subdued version of your typical face-framing layers.

    Nunzio Saviano, a hairstylist and owner of his own business in New York City with the same name, is credited with coining the term “cobra cut” on TikTok. He explains: “The cobra cut is long hair with layers all around the head, starting about two inches below the chin. “The long layers are cut with the contour of the head in mind. This method gives the hair volume and movement by removing weight from the bottom without making it look thin.”

    How about the name? Well, that idea came to me after using a large barrel curling iron to style a long, layered hairdo. I left the top smooth and made snake-like curls at the bottom, the author explains. To create an interwoven, snake-like effect, the hairdresser wrapped those longer sections of hair around the barrel while reversing directions.

    This cut, according to Saviano, is perfect for persons with “hair that hits two to three inches below the collarbone or longer,” as you can see in the before-and-after image below.

    Other than that, it generally accommodates all types of hair. “This look works on any type of hair structure, which is great for women who don’t want harsh or face-framing layers but still want movement and body. Whereas traditional layers could be too severe on thin, finer hair types, it also works well on those hair types “He claims.

    The best aspect is that because the hair is more uniform in length, styling with a curling iron is simpler because you can work in larger parts. Shorter layers could need more individual hot tool passes. Long layers have a greater range of possible styles and aesthetics that can be created with just a few basic tools, according to Saviano.

    The appeal of a cobra haircut ultimately lies in the fact that it is a small change to your hairstyle that has a significant effect. The problem about snakes is that they are little yet powerful. You know, minus the anaconda.

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