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    The place Tattoos Damage The Most and Least (2022)

    On the subject of getting physique ink, tattoo ache is an element that is determined by intercourse, age, threshold stage and placement. A tattoo ache chart might be the steerage wanted to assist women and men decide how a lot a tattoo will harm.

    Whereas getting a tattoo is mostly all the time painful, individuals will expertise completely different ranges of ache primarily based on the physique half, well being and tolerance. The worst areas that harm probably the most typically have extra nerve endings, little fats, thinner pores and skin and bony spots.

    Essentially the most painful locations to get a tattoo embody the armpit, rib cage, ankle, finger, backbone, shin, groin, kneecap and elbow. The least painful tattoo spots are the forearm, thigh, again and shoulder, that are areas with fewer nerving endings, thicker pores and skin and further fats for cushion.

    For these questioning what a tattoo looks like, most individuals evaluate the ache to a burning sensation mixed with a pointy pricking feeling. With so many painful areas, it may be a problem realizing the place tattoos will harm the least.

    That will help you, we’ve compiled this record of probably the most painful spots to get tattooed. From male to feminine, discover these charts to seek out the tattoos that may trigger the least ache.

    Tattoo Ache Chart

    Whereas there are various elements, a tattoo ache chart can assist you identify how a lot it can harm to get tattooed on a physique half.

    Tattoo Ache Chart For Feminine

    This tattoo ache chart for a feminine reveals that the sternum, abdomen, pubic space, elbow, face, underboob, shin, foot and knee cap will harm probably the most. The least painful spots just like the again, shoulder, outer thigh and forearm have thicker pores and skin, extra fats and fewer nerve endings.

    Tattoo Pain Chart Female

    Tattoo Ache Chart For Male

    This tattoo ache chart for a male reveals that the groin, butt, head, neck, face, rib cage, foot, shin, elbow, knee cap and sternum are probably the most painful spots. Getting a shoulder, arm, again, chest and outer thigh tattoo will seemingly harm the least.

    Tattoo Pain Chart Male

    Most Painful Locations To Get A Tattoo

    Essentially the most painful locations to get tattooed have probably the most nerve endings, the least fats, the thinnest pores and skin and a number of bony spots that vibrate. Selecting tattoo spots just like the armpit, rib cage, ankle, shin, breast, groin, neck and spin are going to harm probably the most.


    As one of the crucial painful locations, an armpit tattoo will trigger extreme ache and might take a very long time to heal. The ache is often attributable to the axillary nerve which runs by means of the primary arm and to the armpit. These ranges can improve since this spot is ticklish and the pores and skin across the space is skinny, that means you might flinch whereas your artist is working.

    The presence of lymph nodes may trigger points since your physique’s response could trigger them to develop into enlarged and irritated. Whether or not you’re skilled or a first-timer, professional artists advise in opposition to getting armpit tattoos. In the event you resolve to make the leap, maintain the world clear and freed from friction by utilizing a breathable gauze and avoiding deodorant and tight clothes.

    Rib Cage

    The rib cage is the second most painful spot to get a tattoo, seemingly leading to a session that may harm greater than standard. For the reason that pores and skin across the ribs could be very skinny and instantly above a number of bones, the ache shall be sharp and stabbing versus uninteresting and aching. Throw in numerous nerve endings, the truth that you’ll have to breathe throughout your appointment and low ranges of fats on this space, and it’s simple to see why rib cage paintings is reserved for these with excessive ache tolerance.

    Ankles and Shin

    An ankle and shin tattoo typically causes intense ache since there may be little or no fats surrounding these areas. Sharp and extreme, getting your leg tattooed on this space will harm as a result of it’s near bones and doesn’t come padded with fats, making the nerve endings extra delicate to the sturdy needle vibrations.

    Your ankles and shinbones will expertise repetitive needle actions, inflicting your bones to rattle. The ache stage will improve for giant paintings so contemplate getting a small and easy design to attenuate the harm.

    Nipples and Breasts

    The nipples and breasts are very delicate spots and can make getting a tattoo severely painful. Whereas the ache shall be lower than bony areas just like the rib cage or shin, breast and nipple tattoos will irritate your nerve endings and trigger soreness.

    Breast pores and skin tends to be free and filled with fatty tissue and girls will naturally really feel extra ache on this space than males, who’ve pectoral muscle groups to assist their pores and skin. It’s value noting that tattoos nearer to the sternum will harm extra because the pores and skin on this space is thinner and near the bone.


    The groin is a really painful space to get tattooed as a result of it’s filled with nerve endings and is continually topic to friction. This a part of the physique can be very near the genitals that are dwelling to a number of lymph nodes that make this space extra delicate. As a tough space to maintain clear and dry, you’ll discover that your pores and skin shall be extraordinarily irritated post-ink. To alleviate the stress, plan to go commando for just a few days after your session and keep away from irritating scrubs and lotions till you’re solely healed.


    A kneecap tattoo typically causes extreme ache as a result of the pores and skin on this space is free, stretchy and unpadded. The kneecap is often in a state of flexion as you progress which is able to make the therapeutic course of extra uncomfortable than in different areas. The needle can even get very near the bone which ends up in sharp ache and a powerful rattling sensation. In the event you transfer your tattoo slightly below the kneecap, you’ll additionally expertise excessive ache from the patellar tendon that runs all the way down to the shin.

    Neck and Backbone

    The neck and backbone are some one of the crucial painful tattoo spots as a result of these are very delicate areas. A backbone tattoo will harm for women and men as a result of the half has many nerve endings and the pores and skin is extraordinarily skinny. Locations across the backbone and the decrease again will harm much less since they’re cushioned by fats and muscle, however the delicate nerve endings make this whole space tough to ink.

    Neck tattoos are painful for males as a result of the Adam’s apple might be onerous to work round. You’ll need to maintain your design placement to the aspect or again of the neck for a neater expertise.

    Behind The Knee

    Getting a tattoo behind the knee will trigger vital ache as a result of the pores and skin is skinny and the nerve endings are near the floor. In the back of the knee, you’ll additionally must cope with veins and the delicate sciatic nerve that runs instantly down the again of the leg.

    You’re prone to really feel each vibration and poke of the needle, so bear this in thoughts earlier than selecting this placement. You’ll additionally want to organize for the painful rubbing that occurs each time you sit down.


    Getting a hip tattoo will trigger extreme ache however how a lot it hurts will depend upon the location you select. The realm above the hip generally is a painful spot as a result of it’s near the bone with little fats to cushion the needle, particularly if you happen to’re skinny. This spot additionally has a number of nerve endings and the pores and skin could be very skinny.

    In the event you get a tattoo on the aspect of the hip and nearer to the butt, then the ache received’t be as dangerous since you’ve gotten the padding of your glute and leg muscle groups to guard you.

    Head, Face and Ears

    Head, face and ear tattoos could cause extreme ache and are typically thought-about extraordinarily painful spots for women and men. These areas have little or no fats or muscle to guard you and the pores and skin is extraordinarily skinny, that means you’ll really feel each vibration and poke as your artist works. For a sprawling head tattoo or a design that spans throughout the face, you might need to full the work throughout a number of periods to handle the ache.

    Though the face is much less painful than the pinnacle, getting a tattoo on or close to the eyes, cheekbones and mouth might be excruciating. The ears harm barely much less, however the lobes and again of the ear will lead to excessive ache, providing fewer fats cells to melt the blow. For one thing extra bearable, a small behind the ear tattoo generally is a good compromise.


    With free pores and skin and lots of nerve endings, the lips are one of the crucial painful tattoo areas and must be averted. You have to to carry your lips open for all the appointment, inflicting dryness and cracking. To cut back bleeding, bruising and swelling from a lip tattoo, you must keep completely nonetheless in the course of the course of.

    For the reason that quantity your design will harm is determined by the thickness of your lips, individuals with skinny lips are likely to wrestle since fats can buffer the struggling. The therapeutic course of will also be irritating and sore. You’ll should be cautious if you eat or drink and commonly use an antiseptic mouthwash to stop infections.

    Fingers and Fingers

    Whereas standard, a hand and finger tattoo could cause excruciating ache. With the pores and skin across the arms being skinny and near the bone, this painful spot must be keep away from. This delicate space can be filled with numerous nerve endings that received’t admire the fixed needle stabbing sensation.

    You could even expertise hand spasms that add to the discomfort. Throw in the truth that there’s little or no fats and muscle on this space and you’ve got the proper recipe for a painful session.

    Toes and Toes

    The toes and toes are extraordinarily delicate spots, making it a painful tattoo to get. You’ll most likely wrestle to not flinch because the vibrations of the needle make you are feeling ticklish. Toes and toe tattoos hit the nerve endings within the space, with the arch being a very delicate space.

    You also needs to be aware that the pores and skin right here is skinny, missing padding from muscle or fats and could be very near a number of bones which is able to improve the ache issue. For a small and easy design, you might be able to tolerate the ache. Wherever you select to specific your self, you must do not forget that strolling or transferring your toes shall be onerous to do.


    A abdomen tattoo typically causes excessive ranges of ache which is able to fluctuate primarily based in your physique sort and intercourse. Individuals with increased physique fats percentages wrestle extra with the abdomen space as a result of the pores and skin is looser and shall be extra disturbed by the needle’s motion. Women and men who’re match and have excessive muscle mass can tolerate the expertise higher. Being too skinny can lead to intense ache as nicely for the reason that pores and skin on the abdomen shall be taut and stretched.

    The wonderful thing about this placement is that you simply received’t must take care of any cartilage or bone that will increase how a lot a tattoo will harm. The decrease abdomen tends to be harm probably the most due to its proximity to the genitals and groin, however the aspect of the abdomen close to the ribs will also be extraordinarily delicate.

    Interior Bicep

    An internal bicep tattoo could cause ache however the space is barely extra tolerable than different placements because of the pure muscle mass. Getting tattooed in your internal bicep will lead to reasonable to extreme ache throughout your session as a result of the pores and skin on the underside of the arm is skinny, free and filled with delicate nerve endings.

    This space can be near the armpit and criminal of the elbow, that are notoriously painful locations. In the course of the therapeutic course of, you will have to take care of ache as your physique and clothes rub in opposition to your pores and skin. In case you have a low ache tolerance or need a big design, the outer bicep is a better option.

    Interior Thigh

    The internal thigh will all the time be an especially painful place to get tattooed as a result of it incorporates a excessive focus of nerve endings that run to the highest of the leg. The pores and skin on the internal thigh can be extraordinarily skinny and gentle, that means that you simply’ll really feel each motion of the needle.

    If you wish to scale back ache, keep as distant from the groin space as attainable and maintain your design small. Whereas your ink is therapeutic, try to keep away from clothes that rubs in opposition to the world to keep away from friction and fading.


    An underboob tattoo might be very painful to get since there’s virtually no fats or muscle on this space. The truth that the underboob is true above the ribs and breastbone can even make you are feeling uncomfortable because the needle stabs and rattles close to the bone.

    The pores and skin close to the underboob is comparatively skinny and you might expertise uncomfortable swelling and bruising as your ink begins to heal. In the event you can tolerate the ache, you’ll be left with a horny design that’s sure to catch the attention.


    Chest tattoos are all the time painful for the reason that spot is true by the sternum, collarbone and nipples, that are all extremely delicate areas and filled with nerve endings. Though the pores and skin on the higher chest is often thicker and tattoos right here must be extra tolerable, the proximity to bone and the shortage of fats means you’ll have just about no cushioning to work with. For a organic feminine, getting a tattoo on the chest could trigger barely much less ache because you’ll have assist out of your breast tissue.

    Whereas guys could have muscle mass on this spot, a chest tattoo could trigger extreme ache for a organic male. Since most designs are assertion items, you’ll want to organize for a protracted and intense session.

    Least Painful Locations To Get A Tattoo

    The least painful spots to get tattooed are the shoulders, arms, outer bicep and higher thighs. These areas are much less delicate and have thicker flesh to soak up the needle.


    The forearm is without doubt one of the least painful locations to get a tattoo for the reason that space has thick pores and skin and a substantial quantity of muscle and fatty tissue. With out many nerve endings, forearm tattoos are a preferred spot for cool designs and the half sleeve.

    The outer forearm will harm lower than the internal arm as a result of the radial nerve runs by means of this space, inflicting points as you progress your ink nearer to the wrist and elbow. It additionally helps that the decrease arm offers your artist visibility, permitting them to finish their work effectively.


    The shoulder comes with a low to reasonable ache stage. A shoulder tattoo will harm lower than different spots as a result of there may be thick flesh and muscle to cushion the needle. Nice for giant designs, there are fewer nerve endings to make you wince and the pores and skin is thick sufficient to deal with an extended session.

    The back and front of the shoulder could also be barely extra painful, however the outer shoulder is a good placement for tattoo newbies who haven’t labored up their ache tolerance but. This space tends to be much less painful for males as they usually have extra muscle mass, however girls shouldn’t anticipate greater than reasonable soreness from their session.


    A much less painful spot, the bicep is a good place to get a tattoo and comes with fewer nerve endings and thick muscle tissue. The internal part and underside of the bicep are extra painful because the pores and skin is thinner, however the outer bicep is well-cushioned in opposition to the vibrations of a tattoo needle.

    The ache on this space tends to really feel extra scratchy than sharp and must be tolerable for most individuals. In consequence, it’s excellent for a trendy sleeve or expansive design.


    The calf just isn’t a painful place to get a tattoo and you must expertise low to moderate-low ranges of ache. The calf muscle is thick and surrounded by fats and thick pores and skin, permitting it to behave as a powerful buffer in opposition to the needle. Calf tattoos are nice for vibrant designs and huge paintings.

    This space can be removed from any bones which is able to scale back the disagreeable rattling that comes with different placements. You’ll expertise extra ache as you get nearer to the ankle and the again of the knee that are filled with nerve endings, so bear this in thoughts earlier than committing to a design.

    Higher and Decrease Again

    The higher and decrease again might be painful areas to get tattooed, however the space will depend upon the dimensions of your paintings. Getting an higher or decrease again tattoo will trigger low to reasonable ache since there are fewer nerves and a good quantity of muscle mass, cushioning you in opposition to the needle. In the event you’re actually skinny and your higher again is bony, you might wrestle with rattling and vibrating ache. For that reason, the decrease again is a better option on your first time as a result of, providing a stronger buffer to the ache.

    Higher Outer Thigh

    An higher outer thigh tattoo will trigger low ranges of ache because of the muscle that pads your nerves and bones. The pores and skin in your thigh can be extraordinarily thick and coated with a layer of fats that provides you assist. A thigh tattoo received’t harm a lot, making it the proper place for a cool design.

    Components That Have an effect on Tattoo Ache

    Tattoo ache will fluctuate primarily based in your intercourse, age, weight, the artist and your adrenaline ranges.


    Research have typically proven that organic girls expertise extra ache than males, however they have a tendency to tolerate it barely higher when getting tattooed. Some medical consultants recommend this will likely come all the way down to hormones since testosterone is alleged to inhibit ache and allow guys to take care of accidents and excessive struggling extra successfully. Placement will also be an element since organic males will really feel extra extreme ache in areas just like the throat, groin, higher thigh and hips resulting from a naturally decrease stage of physique fats.

    Age and Weight

    Youthful individuals are likely to deal with tattoo ache higher as their pores and skin is extra resilient. Our pores and skin thins considerably as we become older and supplies much less cushioning in opposition to the needle. Youthful pores and skin can be tighter, that means it simply absorbs the ink and received’t require as many pokes to realize a vibrant end result. Nonetheless, your mileage could fluctuate because it’s been proven that older individuals can deal with ache extra successfully than younger individuals.

    Your weight may affect how a lot ache you are feeling, and people at both finish of the dimensions will really feel extra ache than these at regular physique weight. Obese individuals could have free pores and skin that makes their ink harm extra and the identical is true for underweight individuals with little or no fats to buffer the needle.


    As a rule, the extra tattoos you’ve had, the much less seemingly you’re to really feel intense ache. It is because you’ll have constructed up a good ache tolerance and be used to the feeling of the needle hitting your pores and skin and vibrating close to bones. You’re additionally much less prone to flinch or squirm if you happen to’ve had a number of tattoos, which is able to scale back how typically your artist must cease.

    Your response to ache can even rely in your private threshold. This is determined by a number of elements, however you’ll be way more attuned to the ache as an skilled ink lover than somebody getting their first piece of physique artwork.

    Tattoo Artist

    A tattoo artist’s expertise, expertise and magnificence can affect how a lot ache you’ll really feel. Some artists are heavy-handed whereas others are meticulous and delicate with their needles.

    Slower artists often trigger much less ache than sooner ones, however you’ll have to endure the discomfort for longer. In case your artist is new to the sport, they could additionally wrestle to get the stress proper initially. It’s additionally value noting that inexperienced artists will take their time, and you might have considered trying the method to be over as rapidly as attainable.

    Though low cost tattoos could really feel like a cut price, you’ll need to watch out to go to an artist with clear instruments and an expert who will observe your reactions and regulate their strategy accordingly.


    Endorphins can drastically scale back ache throughout your tattoo expertise as this hormone means that you can really feel completely satisfied and relaxed whereas the needle assaults your pores and skin. This chemical response occurs when your mind registers ache within the pores and skin and takes place within the pituitary gland.

    Whereas endorphins could not relieve your ache a lot, the hormone can act as a pure painkiller, working alongside over-the-counter choices and numbing cream.

    What Does Tattoo Ache Really feel Like?

    Whereas a needle penetrating your pores and skin repeatedly won’t ever really feel good, how painful the tattoo course of is will depend upon you. Some individuals describe tattoo ache as a pointy burning sensation, whereas others say it feels such as you’re being minimize a thousand instances a minute. Usually, tattoo ache is extreme within the worst locations and mildly uncomfortable in the most effective areas. How a lot your tattoo will harm actually comes all the way down to your ache tolerance, the artist’s talent stage, the location and design.

    Burning Ache

    Burning ache is without doubt one of the most typical sensations that you simply’ll really feel in your pores and skin whereas getting a tattoo. This burning will make your pores and skin really feel prefer it has a sizzling object pressed in opposition to it and is attributable to the repeated stabbing movement of the needle. The ache sort is extra frequent in spots with free pores and skin or fatty flesh and will final for a while throughout a tattoo session. Whereas not as searing, the continual discomfort can put on you down after some time.

    Boring Ache

    Boring ache is the best to deal with and it’s fairly simple to disregard. This usually occurs after the primary few prods of the needle, and it step by step dies down right into a background ache as adrenaline and hormones begin to seem.

    You’ll nonetheless really feel a level of ache and it might shift again right into a sharper ache in the course of the session, nevertheless it’s fairly simple to distract your self from the soreness by watching TV or speaking to a good friend. In the event you’re getting a big design, you’ll want to organize on your pain-inhibiting hormones to put on off and for issues to harm extra in direction of the tip of your session.

    Scratching Ache

    Scratching ache is extraordinarily frequent if you’re getting inked and looks like an intense and repeated scratch from a cat throughout your pores and skin. Whereas not nice, any such ache might be tolerable for most individuals and you may often take your thoughts off it.

    This scratching sensation is often felt when your artist is shading, including depth to your design or has been working in the identical space for some time. Though you’ll really feel this ache with a single needle, it hurts extra when a number of needles are used to spice up your ink.

    Sharp Stinging Ache

    Sharp stinging ache is alleged to really feel like bee stings beneath the pores and skin and might really feel insufferable at instances. It hurts quite a bit and is often felt when a tattoo artist is doing detailed work utilizing a single needle or doing an overview on your design. You may additionally really feel it if you’re getting tattoos on areas with skinny or tight pores and skin just like the ankle, wrists or internal biceps.

    Vibrating Ache

    Vibrating ache is a end result if you’re getting tattooed in an space with a number of bones just like the wrist, ribs, ankle or shin. The nerves surrounding the bones really feel the vibration from the needle and rattle in opposition to their environment. Whereas not severely painful, the feeling can really feel unusual and uncomfortable for a first-timer.

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