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    The top Natural Deodorants to keep you Fresh all Day

    Life is great living in a tropical paradise. Being a plant mom is easy and I can always find plenty of fresh, delicious fruit to enjoy, and thanks to all the running around I do in the heat, I’ve been able to get the enviable sun-kissed glow of a bronze goddess. Natural highlighters are welcome, but not so much when they cause odour under our arms. Enter natural deodorants, which are also aluminium-free to protect our clothes.

    Our signature odor under our arms isn’t really sweat. It’s caused by bacteria that live on the skin. Antiperspirants stop this from happening by plugging sweat glands with a key ingredient aluminum. Unlike persistent rumours, antiperspirants and their ingredients don’t cause breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, There is no strong evidence from epidemiological studies that supports this claim. The active ingredient in a deodorant destroys the foul-smelling bacteria, replacing it with a more pleasing scent.

    There is a whole universe of natural deodorants without aluminum (the aluminum stains clothes under the arms) available nowadays. There are several types of these products, and they’re usually scented with essential oils (which you might be allergic to, so test first), and they absorb odor with baking powder or charcoal. They don’t plug sweat glands, so you’re definitely going to sweat, but you won’t stink either. The use of alpha hydroxy acids to neutralise odours is also becoming popular. However, your underarm skin is very thin and sensitive, so using an acid, especially after shaving, might not be a good idea.
    If you’re into natural woodsy, citrusy and floral scents, here are some of the best natural deodorants.

    Blood Orange & Geranium Deodorant by Juicy Chemistry

    Image Source: Juicy Chemistry

    You might like this COSMOS certified and superfresh floral deodorant if you’re looking for something floral. This particular type of deodorant uses plant oils and clays to keep your underarms odor-free.

    Native Deodorant

    Image Source: The Cut

    They offer a huge selection and subscription packs and a range of three scents and one unscented (plus four limited edition scents) especially formulated for sensitive skin.

    Kosas Sport Chemistry Deodorant

    Image Source: Nedysia

    Using mild alpha hydroxy acids as well as aloe vera juice to soothe, this product promises to last through your workout.

    Brigeo B. Well Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Natural Deodorant

    Image Source: Elle

    Tea tree extract calms irritated skin, fights bad odours, and smells great while doing it. Combined with eucalyptus, it’s an unbeatable combination that nourishes the skin while fighting foul odors.

    L’Occitane Eau De Cedrat Stick Deodorant

    Image Source: Cosmo Store

    The best choice when you need a hit of citrus in the morning. Longer lasting than the average natural deodorant.

    Raw Beauty Wellness Vetiver & Bergamot Balm Deodorant

    Image Source: Raw Beauty wellness

    Not the most elegant way to apply deodorant (scoop from the jar and smear), it’s made with Epsom salt and clay and smells refreshingly of vetiver and bergamot.

    Caudalie Vinofresh Natural Stick Deodorant

    Image Source: Asos

    The company’s signature grape water is a prebiotic. This helps to grow good bacteria. Combined with a eucalyptus fragrance, this is just like skin care for your underarms.

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