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    These 14 Body Butters Will Have You Wanting To Remain In Bed Forever

    Why do we like to stay in bed all day? Maybe it’s because we’re tired from how hard we work all week, or maybe it’s because, once we finally lie down, we can feel how soft our skin is just from using one of these body butters! I know what you’re thinking, though; you want to know exactly which body butters are the best for your skin type. Well, here’s what you should use if you have oily or dry skin, or sensitive skin… and even if you don’t fall into any of those categories!

    What makes body butter different from body lotion?

    The primary distinction between body butters and body lotions is the weight and consistency. according to Davis, lotions have a higher water content and a more liquid consistency, while body butters are usually thicker and creamier.In addition, body butters contain more oil than lotions.
    King says, Body butters are thick and creamy and consist of mango, cocoa, shea, palm or other butters, along with other oils such as coconut or avocado.

    Who should use body butters?

    Every skin type can use body butter, but people with dry skin will benefit most from it. He says that body butters are so beneficial for dry skin due to their emollient and occlusive properties, which helps soften skin and seal moisture in.

    How do you choose the right body butter?

    In addition to butters, look for key hydrating ingredients:

    Humectants : As explained by King, are low molecular weight substances that bind water into the stratum corneum and must be used in tandem with other skin care components to ensure water content is retained. As you can imagine, this is a vital thing, and hyaluronic acid and glycerin should be what you seek out.

    Emollients : These are used to improve the texture and look of the skin, as well as fix any dry spots on the surface, says King. Research the different levels of cholesterol, squalene, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and ceramides.

    Occlusives : A scientific definition of occlusives can be given as oils and waxes which form an inert layer on the skin and prevent transdermal water loss. Avoid petroleum jelly, beeswax, mineral oil, silicones, lanolin, and zinc oxide.

    What We Love About Body Butters During Dry Winters :

    Susanne Kaufmann Body Butter –
    Shea butter, honey, bee pollen, and vitamin E make up this rich body butter that deeply hydrates and moisturizes skin. Its unique whipped texture absorbs virtually instantly into skin, making it easy to apply. Body butters also have light, delicate scents.

    Image Credit : Lauhamy

    Ellis Brooklyn Marvelous CBD Extra Rich Body Lotion Cream –
    Compared to other body butters, this one is on the richer side. Thanks to the ingredients like tons of shea butter, the cream is heavy and luxurious and, therefore, it is perfect to use right before bed.

    Image Credit : Bluemercury

    Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream –
    The combination of cocoa butter, aça* oil, and coconut oil softens and smoothes skin beautifully. Plus, the pistachio, caramel, and vanilla scent are simply irresistible.

    Image Credit : Sol de Janeiro

    54 Thrones Ugandan Vanilla + Ethiopian Honey Beauty Butter –
    It’s made with shea butter sourced from both Uganda and Ghana, as well as jojoba oil, baobab oil, and sweet almond oil to create the most nourishing body butter.

    Image Credit : Sephora

    Eu’Genia Shea 100% Pure Shea Butter Dermatological Formula –
    Eu’Genia Shea offers 100 percent authentic shea butter, with no added ingredients. A little bit goes a long way, and it’s perfect for even the driest skin.

    Image Credit : EWG

    Kopari Ultra Restore Body Butter with Hyaluronic Acid –
    Hyaluronic acid makes for an excellent humectant, extracting moisture from the air and adding it to the skin, which is especially moisturized by mango seed butter and coconut oil.

    Image Credit : kopari Beauty

    Weleda Skin Food Body Butter –
    Among other things, Weleda is well-known for its rich and luxurious creams, and this body butter is no exception. Cocoa butter and shea butter work together to moisturize the skin.

    Image Credit :

    Skinfix Barrier+ Lipid-Boost Body Cream –
    The thick cream, which helps repair your skin’s barrier, also contains colloidal oatmeal to soothe dry, irritated skin and botanical cholesterol to protect and nourish it.

    Image Credit : Sephora

    Colleen Rothschild Tahitian Monoi Body Butter –
    King recommended this body butter saying a combination of murumuru butter, bacuri butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and borage seed oil offers humectants, emollients and occlusives as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Image Credit : Sunsets and Slitettos

    Byredo Gypsy Water Body Cream –
    Would you like a body butter that feels luxurious? This cream from Byredo is the perfect choice. For a time, not just the smell, but the actual formulation is from Byredo’s Gypsy Water fragrance, which was blended with shea butter to create this unique body butter.

    Image Credit : Nordstorm

    Supergoop! Body Butter SPF 40 –
    With its high SPF 40 protection, this body butter hydrates and protects the skin. Argan and meadowfoam seed oils moisturize and soften.

    Image Credit : Supergoop!

    Mutha Body Butter –
    It contains shea and mango butters, which are blended with vitamins A, D, and E to create a nourishing and luxurious cream.

    Image Credit : MUTHA

    Vanicream Moisturizing Cream –
    Petrolatum, which acts like butter, makes this cream extremely rich. I was introduced to this cream by a dermatologist when I was young, and it is the first cream I reach for when my skin becomes irritated – it is non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested.

    Image Credit : New York Magazine

    Kate McCleod Daily Stone –
    The stone is like solid body butter: it goes on easily and sinks in deeply, adding lots of moisture. Cocoa butter, blended with almond, apricot kernel, avocado, and coconut oil, feels like a luxurious ritual every time I spread it on my skin.

    Image Credit : The Reduce Report

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