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    Trending Techniques for Getting a Perfect Russian Manicure

    As the name implies, Russian manicure is a popular manicure style that originated in Russia. This is a popular approach that incorporates the use of an e-filer/electrical nail drill to create a pristine cuticle area without the need of traditional instruments. The procedure also provides immaculate gel polish application that can last for 30+ days, making this style of manicure worth every cash spent on it and the time spent marketing the service.

    Shape the nail as desired.

    Only buff the nail to achieve a smooth nailbed. Excessive polishing is detrimental. Remove only the ridges from the nails to create even nails for product adhesion.

    Dust the nail bed and carefully glide the BLUESKYe-filer with cuticle drill bit around the cuticle area to lift the dry cuticles and form a small space.

    The drill’s speed should be approximately 8000. To avoid injuring the nail bed, do not use the drill bit on the nail and operate the drill with a steady hand and care.

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    With a cuticle cutter, remove any excess dead skin or elevated cuticle without tugging the skin. Only clip the elevated section if there is any dry cuticle remaining.

    Clean the nail well using a pre-soaked BLUESKY cleansing wipe (2in1cleanser+dehydrator) and make sure all nails are clear of oils/dust.

    Apply BLUESKY acid-free primer and let it air-dry for 5 to 7 seconds.

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    Cure** a thin layer of BLUESKY RIDGE FILLER base coat in the lamp. Allow a hairline space around the cuticle. Make careful to fully cover the sidewalls as well.

    Place a drop of RIDGE FILLER base coat on the nail where you want to create the apex and spread it evenly, creating an overlay on the nail. After that, maintain your hand upright for 5 seconds to ensure a healthy apex and cure in the lamp.

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