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    Trendy Looks for Short Hair with Curtain Bangs

    Short Hair With Curtain Bangs gives off a new, youthful vibe. This lengthy fringe, worn on the sides and separated in the centre, lends body and volume to bobs, lobs, and even some types of pixie cuts. Curtain bangs softly frame your face and can simply give your haircut an effortlessly stylish appeal.

    While curtain bangs have long been popular, they are currently popular on bobs and lobs. If you want to try this trend, let these hairstyle examples inspire you. Look them up below. Trendy Bangs Looks to Try

    1) Pixie Bob With Curtain Bangs

    PC: TRHS

    Curtain bangs complement shorter haircuts such as pixie bobs. You can appreciate the edgy silhouette of a pixie cut. You also have adequate hair for your curtain fringe because of its length.

    That’s all there is to it! Choose your favourite style and prepare to sport short hair with curtain bangs.

    2) Curled Bangs

    PC: Pinterest

    If you want to make your fringe more styled, curl it in the same direction as the rest of your hair. If you want to look glam for the day, try this hairstyle.

    3) Purple Lob

    PC: Glaminati

    Purple hair colour makes short hair with bangs more fascinating. While sporting a fashionable haircut, you can be as creative as you like with your chosen colour.

    4) Lob With Curtain Bangs

    PC: yes Missey

    Add curtain bangs to your one-length lob. Curtain bangs can also offer the appearance of fuller-looking tresses if you have thin hair.

    5) Bob With Beret

    PC: Deseo

    Accessorize your short hair with bangs with a beret and hair clips to add flair. Allow your curtain bangs to hang loosely on the sides.

    6) Wavy Bob With Curtain Bangs

    PC: TRHS

    This dishevelled, wavy short haircut has just the right amount of flair. Style your chin-length or medium bob in this manner to improve your everyday look and turn heads.

    7) C-Curl Bob With Curtain Bangs

    PC: HG

    Do you like Korean short hairstyles? This is how you should style your bob. Simply separate your hair in the middle and blow-dry the left side of your curtain bangs with a round brush while rolling it away from your face. Repeat on the opposite side of your fringe. Then, blow-dry your hair tips while brushing them inwards to form a C shape.

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