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    Viator: The ultimate guide to planning your perfect trip

    Viator offers the largest selection of tours, activities, and excursions in the world, with well over 2 million reviews written by travelers just like you! With so many options to choose from, planning your perfect trip can be pretty tricky. But Viator’s job isn’t done until you have the time of your life exploring new places and experiencing new things. So what exactly do we do? Here’s the ultimate guide to planning your perfect trip on Viator!

    What is Viator?

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    You can book experiences through Viator, a TripAdvisor firm that collects them from all over the world. You can maximise your travels with the freedom to make arrangements as you go thanks to Viator’s focus on unforgettable experiences (or well in advance).

    Since TripAdvisor acquired Viator in 2014, the two sites’ review systems are similar. You can be sure that Viator’s platform is among the best in the world because TripAdvisor is its parent company.

    How does Viator work?

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    Viator makes money by offering tours, tickets, experiences, and more all over the world at affordable costs. The availability of tours for your party size may be searched, and each tour has a thorough description. One of the reasons Viator tours are so great is that their description page provides plenty of details to aid in your decision as to whether or not that trip is right for you.

    You’ll find a summary, departure and return details, what to anticipate, supplementary information, specifics on the cancellation policy, a FAQ section, and testimonials from other travellers. What more could one ask for?

    How to book with Viator ?

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    You need to create an account with Viator in order to make any reservations. Using your email address, a Google or Facebook account, or your Apple ID will make it simple for you to register. You may simply access all of your appointments from that location.

    Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store both provide a Viator app.

    Let’s examine the two main things that Viator provides.

    Viator major attributes –

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    TOURS :

    Viator is an online travel agency that focuses on tours and experiences, as opposed to companies like Travelocity. The availability of walking tours, site visits, day trips, and other activities is therefore assured. There is nothing concerning lodging, dining, or other travel-related topics.

    Viator is still available to keep your days busy when travelling.
    To discover what’s currently on sale for a discount, you may even sort by “deals and discounts”!


    In addition to offering a tonne of tours, they also have pages specifically dedicated to certain locations that include the best activities and how to arrange your vacation.

    How to get in touch with Viator Customer Service –

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    Since Viator is used to schedule tours and experiences, you’ll need to know how to get in touch with them if you run into any problems or have any queries.

    It can be difficult to find Viator’s contact details on their website. It can only be reached quickly using an existing reservation. Beyond that, it can be challenging to contact them because they don’t actually make their contact information available anywhere.

    They state that they offer customer service around-the-clock, but it only seems to be available after you’ve made a reservation.

    Reviews of Viator: Are they reliable?

    You can tell how divisive Viator is based on the reviews you’ve read. We’ll examine them to see why that is the case.

    Online reviews for Viator currently have a 4.3/5 star rating. However, they have a low average rating of 1 to 1.6 out of 5 on review websites like Yelp. With over 3600 ratings, they have given themselves a rating of 4.3/5 on their own website.

    Why are the statistics so divisive?

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    I think there are differences in quality amongst the many trips available on Viator. Due to Viator’s enormous selection of activities and trips, their reviews are unavoidably divisive.

    The majority of customers endorse utilising Viator, and the most recent evaluations on the site are generally favourable about the tour experiences. Some visitors weren’t satisfied with Viator’s ticketing service, or in unusual cases, they were still permitted to order tickets after events had stopped allowing admittance.

    Numerous unfavourable evaluations refer to unenthusiastic tour operators, crowded locations, or poor food—elements outside Viator’s control.

    Viator: Is it worth it?

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    We think Viator is valuable occasionally for discovering entertaining and unique experiences at your preferred future location! When you book with Viator, you may choose from a variety of options and read extensive descriptions to understand what you’re getting.

    Because you aren’t making your reservation directly with the tour operators, any communication from them may go through Viator and may result in misunderstandings.

    Although many excursions only utilise Viator, you could always use it for research and to try to make a direct reservation.

    However, as a source for booking tours, we’d suggest it!

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