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    Washing your hair with micellar water is the new way to get rid of oily hair!

    If greasy hair is your adversary when it comes to appearance, you might soon discover that you’ve been washing your hair incorrectly all along. The trick? water with micelles.

    Yes, a fresh viral hack is currently making the rounds on social media, and this time it’s for all those people out there with oily skin. This technique claims that washing your hair with micellar water prior to shampooing is the secret to non-greasy lengths. The unknown

    In April, a user by the name of Abbey Yung gave the method a try and documented the experience in a video. The video has received 1.2 million views since then. She says in the video: I sprayed the micellar water directly to my scalp and equally saturated my roots and massaged it in. She then shampoos her hair twice.

    Once her hair had dried, she displayed her accomplishments by exclaiming, “WOW, my hair feels SO clean. And so sparkly and silky! I’m fixated.

    Instead of shampooing her curly hair, Daniela Flores, another user, said on TikTok that she prefers to spritz a micellar water solution into the roots of her hair to revitalise them. She captioned the video, “I am just now learning about this technology, but it’s the tea!!

    Since micellar technology is used similarly to the skin, it may, in principle, be helpful for greasy hair or product buildup. Micelles, or microscopic cleaning balls suspended in water, are what make up micellar water. Micelles are attracted to greasy substances and suck them away from the skin or hair. That some people have discovered them to be clarifying as a hair treatment is therefore not surprising.

    But as many have noted, it’s not exactly economical to shampoo your hair after every use of micellar water (or eco-friendly, for that matter).

    Try an apple cider vinegar hair rinse (just mix 3–4 teaspoons with about 2 cups water) or even a shampoo infused with micellars for a homemade option that will provide you the technology’s benefits without using up as much product.

    For more great options, see our list below.

    Here are some of our top picks for micellar water for greasy hair:

    The sulphate-free micellar shampoo


    The formula is free of silicone, sulphates, phthalates, and BHT, making it the perfect choice for individuals who prefer to utilise more natural components.

    The supersized micellar water for hair


    Consider buying in bulk to combat the trend more affordably. Garnier micellar waters are well-liked and reasonably priced; this one is especially clarifying for combination and oily skin types.

    The cult micellar water

    PC: Walgreens

    Not laundry day? Think of Aveda’s rinse-free micellar spray as a terrific intermediary product that falls in the middle of a shampoo and a dry shampoo. It can be used to revive curls and waves because of its damp feel (either air dry or blow dry, your choice).

    The micellar shampoo for curly hair


    You should anticipate a more moisturizing feeling as this shampoo attempts to properly wash curls while still nourishing and smoothing.

    The celebrity-approved micellar shampoo

    PC: popsugar

    You can trust Kristen Ess when it comes to haircare since she created the lived-in waves worn by Jenna Dewan, Lucy Hale, and Lauren Conrad. It’s advisable to use this shampoo only once a week because it employs micellar to clean and purify the scalp.

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