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    Why You Should Be Wearing Basketball Shorts This Season

    As comfortable as they are functional, basketball shorts have been a staple in the summer wardrobe of both women and men alike since time immemorial. However, in recent years the style has received an upgrade that has some people scratching their heads and others wondering why they didn’t take the plunge sooner. Here’s why you should be wearing basketball shorts this season…and maybe pick up one or two pairs while you’re at it!

    What are basketball shorts?

    MITCHELL & NESS Los Angeles Lakers Short

    A lot of people might not know what basketball shorts are, but they’ve been around for a while. They’re usually made of a lightweight material and are designed to be comfortable and allow for a full range of motion. They also usually have a high waistband that sits right at the belly button. The length varies depending on the person’s height, but is typically anywhere from mid-thigh to above the knee. If you want them higher up on your leg, go with longer lengths or ones with shorter inseams so you can roll them up if need be.

    Given five years of working in fashion, I’m about as aware of the latest trends as someone could be and so I don’t tend to be at all puzzled by some of the strange fads that happen and then pass from week to week. I’m not too fussed about belly chains, whale tails, $200 pre-ripped tights, or those Y2K-era platform flip-flops. However, the latest Instagram trend has me completely stumped. As soon as you see it, I can almost guarantee you will be as fascinated as I am.

    Image Credit : E! News

    A puzzling trend that TikTok is calling “Adam Sandler Summer” has emerged that is quickly becoming one of the most talked about trends of the season: basketball shorts. The most trusted style sources on social media are wearing knee-length, mesh, or shiny polyester shorts that every 12-year-old boy wears on repeat, and get this: they’re actually doing it, all in the name of dressing like Adam Sandler.

    Given how I noticed so many of my friends who, ironically, don’t share my fashion taste doing this, I went ahead and tried the trend myself. After visiting three thrift stores, an Urban Outfitters, and a sports-specialty shop, I had accomplished my goal of making the very ugly basketball shorts look good.

    Image Credit : Lucy Norris, Pinterest

    Lucky for me, the first store I went to had basketball shorts that were obviously cool and surprisingly approachable in that they were shorter than the knee-length pairs Sandler wore and were more tailored. For the perfect New York summer style, these Mitchell & Ness New York Knicks-inspired pieces from caesNYC really struck the perfect balance between classy and elevated. To finish the outfit, I grabbed my loafers from Loewe and some pale gold earrings by Tiffany.

    Oh, and I can’t leave out the fact that people have been asking me all sorts of questions about these shorts since I was walking around SoHo to the Lower East Side. If you’re still undecided, well, that just means it’s time to buy yourself a pair!

    Image Credit : LAURAREILLY

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