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    “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable”: Excuse, Defiance, and Reassurance

    When most individuals hear the music “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable,” they instantly consider Cyndi Lauper‘s 1983 model, launched on her debut album She’s So Uncommon. What they might not know is that Lauper’s model is definitely a canopy, as the unique was written and recorded by American musician Robert Hazard in 1979. Hazard’s “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable” was written from a male perspective, and it’s a pity social gathering stuffed with excuses {that a} man throws for himself as a result of he cannot get a lady.

    The unique options roaring instrumentals, with the overwhelming percussion, electrical guitar, and synths drowning out the vocals at instances. The hammering beat and percussion are paying homage to somebody feverishly pounding their fists on the partitions, and the scratchy electrical guitar imitates a hoarse voice, mimicking what an individual feels like after shrieking. These components, in addition to the quick tempo and frenzied beat, are a sonic illustration of a mood tantrum, pointing to the narrator’s overwhelming anger and frustration. However what precisely is he so exasperated about? His incapability to get a lady.

    The narrator pleads, “I do know your love for him / Is deep as day is lengthy / …However after I knock on the door / I am shut now, you can come,” illustrating a lady refusing him. Nevertheless, relatively than enhancing himself, the narrator places the blame for such refusals on women, consistently utilizing excuses to elucidate his lack of a girlfriend. In response to his dad and mom’ urges to search out somebody, specifically his dad’s “‘My boy, what would you like out of your life?'” and his mother’s “‘you have to begin residing proper,'” the narrator defends himself with “Women simply wanna have enjoyable.” He claims that women are too targeted on having enjoyable to find time for him, so he is nonetheless single. His excuse that “Women simply wanna have enjoyable” (and really related variations) represent the majority of the music, suggesting that he’s extraordinarily self-defensive; he would relatively blame others by way of a plethora of excuses than take accountability himself. Not solely does the narrator blame girls, he’s additionally irate at them for selecting enjoyable over him, spitting out the lyrics in a tough, stiff tone and harshly enunciating every phrase. Hazard is almost screaming for a lot of the music, and the pounding beat reinforces his anger; the road “women simply wanna have enjoyable” aligns completely with the rhythm, as every phrase will get punched by a beat.

    The pity social gathering continues with Hazard’s whiny vocals. As he groans “That is all they actually need / Some enjoyable” and “It is all they actually need / Good enjoyable,” his voice goes out of tune and his pitch rises. Hazard’s pitch wobbles poutily, with a mesh of drawn out “Ahhhhhhh”s seeming to overlay his voice, giving listeners the impression that he’s complaining. The narrator refuses to confess his personal shortcomings and believes that he has finished no mistaken; relatively, he thinks it is the ladies who’ve wronged him. The narrator pities himself a lot that he makes himself cry; his tight-throated voice signifies that he’s choking again tears and burps, but it surely sounds synthetic and unnatural. He exaggerates his ache and anguish with contrived wails and moans, enjoying the sufferer to persuade listeners that everybody is towards him. The narrator makes an attempt to console himself with “Come on, boy / Oh yeah / You’re the lucky one,” reassuring himself that sure, he can get a lady, as a result of he has all of the “instruments” needed to draw a lady. Because the narrator sees it, the issue is not him.

    However the narrator is the one one who believes this, as evidenced by the dearth of concord and backup vocals. There are not any different voices within the music aside from Hazard’s (and his screams and pouts). The dearth of vocal assist is probably analogous to the absence of social assist for the narrator’s “dilemma”; nobody agrees that he’s faultless and that the ladies are responsible. Consequently, the narrator is left alone together with his excuses, and he throws a pity social gathering at which he’s the one visitor.

    Hazard in all probability by no means anticipated {that a} piece he composed in 20 minutes whereas showering and deemed a “form of foolish music” would ultimately turn out to be a global hit. He fully forgot about his 1979 demo till file producer Rick Chertoff came across it whereas trying to find songs to incorporate on Lauper’s debut album. The lyrics have been modified to mirror a lady’s perspective, so Lauper’s cowl is extra aware of oppressive social practices towards girls. Whereas Hazard assumes the function of the oppressor (although he believes in any other case), Lauper is among the many oppressed. The road “Oh momma pricey, we’re not the lucky ones” demonstrates how society has stripped girls of many rights and privileges, and “Oh daddy pricey, you realize you are still primary” calls forth pictures of patriarchy and male management. Maybe most strikingly, the lyrics by no means explicitly state that women are actively having enjoyable; it solely reveals that “women simply wanna have enjoyable.” Lauper’s model acknowledges that repressive practices, gender disparities, and gendered social expectations have made it tough for ladies to have an excellent time, so her 1983 cowl can be a celebration, only a totally different sort; it seeks to liberate girls from society’s oppressive guidelines and provides them some well-deserved enjoyable by way of a cosmic feminist social gathering brimming with power and pleasure.

    Since Lauper’s model is sung by a lady, the narrator is not an outsider to women’ enjoyable; she is inside it and is now the one striving to have an excellent time, therefore the festive ambiance the music evokes. Lauper’s “Women Simply Need To Have Enjoyable” begins with a glowing synth glissando signaling that the social gathering is about to start; it is just like the lights are flickering on as pleasure pierces the air. Then, the juicy electrical guitar springs into motion because the vibrating, fizzy synths awaken from their slumber, taking pictures out bursts of power and suggesting that the jamboree is now underway. The agency percussion coming in at common intervals and the regular beat create a dance rhythm that amplifies the jovial ambiance, with the sprightly tempo of 120 beats per minute and better key including extra liveliness and dynamism to the scene. The glittering synth marimba electrifies the temper, and though Lauper makes use of a chest voice, her vocals are elastic and expansive; they sound luminous, radiating beams of power and making a spirited and feisty temper. As well as, a lot of the refrain and chorus, together with the traces “Women simply wanna have enjoyable” and “They simply wanna, they only wanna,” are sung by a large number of voices. There isn’t any harmonizing, as everybody sings the identical melody, establishing unity and calling forth a motivational social gathering chant. Almost all of the voices are feminine, suggesting that ladies are banding collectively to stay it up, in distinction with Hazard’s lonesome pity social gathering. The music video exhibits Lauper chanting and dancing with different girls, and the digicam pans throughout as every dons a pair of sun shades, reinforcing girls’s solidarity and indicating that they’re able to partay.

    The music and vocals’ jubilant social gathering seeks to supply girls a secure place to let unfastened, and the lyrics additional these efforts to liberate girls from oppressive social customs. Like within the authentic model, the narrator replies to her mom’s “‘Whenever you gonna stay your life proper?'” and her father’s “‘What you gonna do together with your life?'” with “women they wanna have enjoyable,” however not like the unique, it’s not used as an excuse. Lauper employs the road as an act of defiance, difficult social expectations for ladies. Within the music video, we see the narrator’s mom and father in a conventional residence; her mom is carrying an apron and cracking eggs within the kitchen, bringing to thoughts the picture of a housewife. Thus, Lauper’s “women they wanna have enjoyable” could be interpreted as resisting conservative values confining girls to the house, and the road “I come residence, within the mornin’ gentle” (presumably after an evening out) emphasizes the narrator’s refusal to adapt. Lauper additionally integrates extra casual, lighthearted language, utilizing “women,” “momma,” and “daddy” as an alternative of “girls,” “mom,” and “father.” Though Hazard additionally incorporates “women,” his utilization is belittling and disrespectful in direction of girls, whereas Lauper’s informal language is empowering by rejecting propriety. She declares “to hell with being a prim and correct woman,” and her fanatical, wild dancing within the music video additional illustrates this defiance.

    A significant structural change in Lauper’s “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable” is the switching of the primary two verses. Hazard himself remarked, “She took the primary verse and second verse and switched them. Why, I do not know. Melodically, it’s precisely the identical.” However this is a potential rationalization: with this transformation, the narrator’s interplay together with her mom comes earlier than her change together with her father, bringing to the forefront the thought of “women first.” Hazard begins his music with the daddy (traditionally the pinnacle of the household), a structural alternative that affirms male dominance and aligns with the narrator’s hostility in direction of girls. Lauper’s new verse association additionally makes “I come residence, within the mornin’ gentle” the very first line, placing an act of defiance proper at the start of the music. This means that ladies are bored with ready; they’ll combat towards social expectations now, with out hesitation or reluctance.

    Regardless of it being a canopy of Hazard’s 1979 recording, Lauper’s model of “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable” is extensively accepted as the unique. Hazard’s demo by no means obtained vital publicity (if any in any respect), and it was Lauper’s 1983 model that shot up the music charts and garnered worldwide success. “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable” turned Lauper’s breakthrough single, establishing, if considerably mockingly, her legitimacy as an artist. It usually serves as the premise for different covers, with greater than 30 artists performing or recording their very own variations. As with many different fashionable songs, covers ultimately turn out to be covers of covers, and the musical comedy-drama collection Glee‘s 2011 model is a becoming instance. Whereas it’s thought of a canopy of Lauper’s 1983 hit, Glee‘s rendition of “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable” is extra particularly a canopy of American musician Greg Laswell‘s model of Lauper’s cowl.

    Within the collection, Finn (performed by Cory Monteith) sings “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable” for Santana, who’s a closeted lesbian struggling to embrace her sexuality. He needs to guarantee her that he and the remainder of New Instructions (the present’s fictional glee membership) assist her popping out and all care deeply. As a result of its heartfelt and emotional context, Glee‘s cowl is a considerably stripped down model. Acoustic piano is the one instrument used, and the vocals represent the primary presence. Glee‘s model can be a lot shorter than each Hazard and Lauper’s recordings; it comprises three verses and two repeats of “That is all they actually need… / These women, they wanna have enjoyable.” The chorus doesn’t seem as many instances, and there are not any extraneous refrain-echoing traces equivalent to “they only need, they only wanna,” making this cowl considerably much less repetitive or showy. These stripped down components make sure that the music is brief, candy, and to the purpose, exposing its tender core and making a extra naked and susceptible expertise. Glee‘s “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable” thus serves as a spot of peaceable solace, looking for to appease and luxury those that are struggling.

    The a lot slower tempo of 66 beats per minute permits listeners to meander gently by way of the music, with lingering traces like “Oh women, they…” and “That is all they actually need…” sustaining the relaxed tempo. The gentle acoustic piano and quiet, translucent vocals create a relaxing tenderness, with the fragile layers of concord forming a halo round Finn’s voice and evoking a religious aura that continues to appease. Within the context of the present, these components set up a secure place the place Santana can discover assist for her sexuality, and, extra broadly, they foster a serene setting the place the listener can search refuge and comfort.

    Whereas the chorus “women they wanna have enjoyable” serves as an excuse in Hazard’s authentic and an act of defiance in Lauper’s model, Glee repurposes it as a reassurance to Santana that her sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. Not solely that, with “enjoyable”‘s constructive and sprightly connotation, Finn assures Santana that her sexuality is superior. Glee‘s model helps listeners and validates their anxieties, affirming that the listener is liked and deserves to like themselves. Glee‘s cowl additionally, not like the earlier two variations, bridges the gender hole; all of the vocalists (Finn and the boys of New Instructions) are male, however they’re singing for and to a lady. The fellows are banding collectively to uplift girls, a stark distinction to Hazard’s anger in direction of them within the authentic.

    The little-known authentic “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable” by Robert Hazard revolves round a defensive man who, unable to get a lady, throws a pity social gathering for himself. The overwhelming instrumentals illustrate his mood tantrum at his “dilemma,” with the proliferation of excuses and whiny vocals revealing the narrator’s tendency responsible others (particularly girls) for his personal shortcomings. 4 years later, Cyndi Lauper releases her model, rewritten to align with a lady’s perspective, as a cosmic feminist social gathering looking for to liberate girls from restrictive social expectations. The glowing instrumentation, dance rhythm, and luminous vocals set the scene for energetic festivities, with the chorus reshaped into an act of defiance. The structural modifications in Lauper’s cowl place girls’s defiance on the forefront, lifting them out of the abuse they confronted in Hazard’s authentic. Many years later, Glee featured a stripped down model of “Women Simply Need to Have Enjoyable,” with the gentle acoustic piano and mild vocals making a peaceable refuge, the place those that are struggling can discover consolation and solace. On this model, the chorus is repurposed as a reassurance, and the gender hole is bridged, with a group of fellows coming collectively to assist and uplift girls in solidarity.

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