Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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    You Heard It Here First! Jennifer Lopez Confirms That Milky Nails Are the New French Manicure

    You’re going to need a moment to recover from this one. We just got word from Jennifer Lopez’s top glam squad stylist that the star has officially said farewell to her French manicure and embraced the Milky Manicure instead. Milky manicures were all over the runways during New York Fashion Week, and you can expect them to show up in beauty looks everywhere soon! Click here to get more information on this exciting new trend, or read on below to find out how it works and why everyone is talking about it!

    Jennifer Lopez maintained her authenticity for the celebration of her second marriage to Ben Affleck, just as she had done for her first wedding in Las Vegas. Not just her stunning Ralph Lauren gown (with its feathery train), but also her bridal mani.

    The singer opted to wear her nails quite long and sharp, painted in a semi-transparent, nearly white tone, adapting the milky nails trend to her unique style. Most brides choose a discrete French manicure with short nails to say “I do.” The milky manicure design offers a more natural impact and is distinguished by transparent white tones and a glossy finish. On Lopez’s wedding day, it contr
    asted beautifully with her radiant complexion, her vivid wedding dress, and her diaphanous tulle veil.

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