Monday, March 27, 2023

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    You Won’t Believe This ‘Age-Defying’ Hair Hack That Takes Years Off In Just 10 Seconds!

    Depending on how your hair is cut, coloured, and styled, it has the potential to make you seem ten years older. An expert revealed how women might immediately lose years.

    Justin Hickox, a hairstylist, took to YouTube to show how ladies may look younger at home with a few simple styling tips, including one that takes less than a minute.

    Have 10 seconds and want to appear younger right away? Remove the centre parting.

    The trouble with centre components is that they eliminate any opportunity to build volume in the crown, Justin remarked.

    If we’re talking about age-defying looks, we need to realise that you want to emphasise cheek and bone structure – you want to pull the eye up.”

    Creating volume in the crown, according to Justin, is how this may be done in a matter of seconds.

    He stated that a centre split not only takes volume away from the crown, but it also adds volume to the sides.

    This lowers the eye, which is the reverse of what we want if we want to seem younger.

    According to the expert, styling the hair such that it is more on one side of the face would give body, frame the face, and quickly remove years.

    The next mistake many women make with their hair is failing to style it.

    This means they can’t give volume to the hair, and it may hang limply if it’s long.

    Taking the time to put some product in it, get some volume in it, and start stying and putting form into it is a tremendous thing, Justin added.

    But, according to Justin, boosting volume here, there, and everywhere isn’t the answer and might really make matters worse.

    Those with longer faces, for example, should avoid putting a lot of volume to the top of their heads, since this can extend the face.

    Those with broader features, on the other hand, should avoid adding too much volume to the sides of their faces.

    It is critical to pay attention to where you place volume for your individual face shape.

    All of these suggestions may be carried out at home in a matter of minutes.

    Some anti-aging magic, however, must be saved for the hair salon, such as cut and colour.

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